The Dilemma (2011) Review

Ronny (Vaughn) discovers that his best friend Nick’s (James) wife Geneva (Ryder) is having an affair, and faces the big dilemma of telling him, or more likely how and when to tell him. Especially when they are facing the task of securing a very important business deal!

Ronny and Nick have been best friends since they met in college, also when Nick first got with Geneva. We assume Ronny has been with Beth (Connelly) for a few years as we are not actually told how long. He is going through the motions in trying to find the perfect marriage proposal. However, finding out Nick and Geneva’s marriage is not as perfect as it seems on the outside deeply hurts him.

Geneva is having an affair with a younger man named Zip (Tatum) which leads to some very funny scenes with Ronny. The difficult subject of a cheating spouse is handled in a delicate way despite the humourous parts of this film. It’s by no means a full on comedy and some of the parts I laughed at in the trailer are not actually in the final cut of the film.

Men are supposed to take this type of situation in a worse way than a woman, so seeing it on film is a good way to raise awareness that women do cheat as well. Having to tell your best friend that news has to be the worst thing possible. As no matter how close you are to them, you still have no idea how they would react to that news. It also posses that question to the audience and makes us all think would you be able to tell your friend? It’s such a tricky situation as your damned if you and damned if you don’t. If you do not tell them then they find out you knew they will be mad at you. If you do tell them then they will be mad at you for the news, don’t shoot the messenger and all that.

Vince Vaughn really does create the best comedy moments with the over speaking character we have grown to love over the years. His speech and generally trying to get himself out of the situations he found himself in whilst trying to tell Nick. In the mean time everyone just assumes he has restarted his gambling problem. Channing Tatum adds a different edge to the comedy in actually being a very sensitive guy in a funny scene with a gun. Queen Latifah whilst in a small role seemed a bit in your face for the amount of screen time she received.

Overall I found this film slightly disappointing after laughing more at the trailer, particularly the parts they took out of the final film!

3 thoughts on “The Dilemma (2011) Review

  1. It’s a mess, and all over the place with tone. But I did like how the characters were treated, and their were some nice dramatic touches to this film that I wasn’t expecting. Good review, check out mine when you can!


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