Suburban Girl (2007) Review

A Manhattanite book editor Brett (Gellar) finds her take on the game of romance changed after she lures the attention of an influential older man, Archie (Baldwin). This romantic comedy has more to it than first meets the eye.

I really found myself enjoying this film more than I would have first expected, despite the fact that I do have a thing for Alec Baldwin and find him so charming. I could really relate to a few things which happened in this film. Those being trying to establish yourself into the working place that you want to be after finishing University/College, although I have not quite achieved that yet! Also the older man relationship is a place I have slight experience in. I would have easily fallen for Archie the same way Brett did!

Brett works hard in a job she is finding hard to love when she gets a new boss who gives her all of the jobs she does not want to do. The more difficult ones in the type of book Brett must then edit. Archie really helps her out with work and gives her a few hints and tricks. We know the age gap is going to have some problems eventually especially when they move in together. It is inevitable when an age gap is in a relationship that problems will occur, especially if you are the same age as the mans daughter! We never get to meet Archie’s daughter but it does become clear that as a recovering (or so we think) alcoholic, is the reason his daughter does not want to see him.

I really enjoyed Sarah Michelle Gellar’s performance in this film as she really did come across real and likeable, a trait often missed from characters in this type of film. But I was very impressed, especially with the chemistry she created with Alec Baldwin. Yes he really can do no wrong in my eyes it seems these days. He is always likeable and so charming its quite unreal. You can imagine this character being quite close to how he is in real life.

This is definitely a watchable film and I would quite easily sit and watch it again if I saw it on TV.

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