Oscars 2011 – Hosts: Franco & Hathaway

This years Academy Awards with the hosts being James Franco and Anne Hathaway are going to be taking a whole new approach. They have been giving the Oscars a revamp for the show for the past few years and continue to try something completely different this year too. I am actually really looking forward to how they will get on.

The promotional pictures were released last week and you have to admit they look good!

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SAG Awards 2011 – Winners

Awards season really is in full swing, but it seems as though the same four actors are picking up the main awards for the films. Doesn’t even look close for the Oscars at all. I guess we could still get quite a surprise but not looking very likely. Quite a surprise for the SAG Awards has to be “The King’s Speech picking up the big award of the night for outstanding ensemble in a motion picture. Great to see a British film doing so well!

SAG Award Winner: Outstanding Ensemble In A Motion Picture

Outstanding Ensemble Motion Picture – Cast of “The King’s Speech”

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No Strings Attached (2011) Trailer

Ok so I seem to be on a bit of a rom-com trailer mission tonight, but why do they always look like they could be pretty good in the trailers? Yes as strange as it may seem I do think this looks like it will be rather amusing throughout. Quite a relevant trailer with it being about no strings attached relationship consisting of just sex.

A Little Bit of Heaven (2011) Trailer

After all the disappointing romantic comedy films which have been out in the last few years, I really have a good feeling about this one after seeing the trailer a few times now. Kate Hudson really does have such a likeability factor and I am very much looking forward to seeing this film, how about everyone else?

How Do You Know (2010) Review

Lisa (Witherspoon) lives for Softball, but when she is cut from the US team she then has to deal with how to move on with her life. This involves her boyfriend baseball player Matty (Wilson) and blind date George (Rudd). George has his own problems being investigated by the government and receiving advice from his father Charles (Nicholson).

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