Mean Girls (2004) Review

Cady Heron (Lohan) grew up in Africa and finds herself in America joining a High School which will be much worse than the Animal Kingdom. Obviously the new girl in school and does not really fit in at all. But the plastics let her have lunch with them and through a plan to get to know their secrets she slips into actually becoming one. SHUT UP . . .

It took me 6 years to eventually watch this film and in all honesty I am quite pleased I did. I have to compare it to Clueless as that has to be the equivalent to this film for the 90s. Both of them have a lot more to them than it first appears. Yes about some air-headed girls but also with certain points. We all know how high school films go and can tell what is going to happen next. Mean Girls is above your usually high school movie, and does have some very funny and quotable quotes. “Don’t have sex as you will get pregnant and die” being one of them!

Obviously I have never been to a high school but you can really imagine the plastics to be real and different people being segregated. But as with most high school movies in the end everyone ends up friends with each other and they live happily ever after etc. In real life you cannot really imagine that happening. People will always be different and hang out with people they actually like rather than mixing into the different social groups. That has to be the same in every walk of life. Even in the working world different people stick together.

Lindsay Lohan is actually very likeable in this role (along with more of her earlier roles) and really does engage you throughout the movie. Rachel McAdams impresses me more the more of her movies that I watch, her performance in this film as the bitch girl is really enjoyable. I have to admit that I did not realise Amanda Seyfried was in this film but she does the air head role very well. On a whole all of the girls work well as friends and enemies with each other. Tina Fey being a teacher in the movie was also an added bonus for me, I just totally love her. Since watching most of 3o Rock. She really is just brilliant!

I totally see this movie as a bit of girly fun and would not hesitate to watch it again.

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