Unstoppable (2010) Review

Thanks to Show Film First for the chance to get to see this film 8 days before the general release! (and manage to get me to the cinema for the first time in months, yes that is why I have lack of updates on the blog!)

Unstoppable is about a train which is not just coasting around the tracks without a driver it is flying around at top speed on the tracks with no driver! Yes, I know what your thinking . . . Speed but not on a bus, on a train instead. Well kinda but kinda not at the same, confused yet?

Denzel Washington is Frank a man who has been working on the railway/trains for 28 years. Chris Pine is Will a rookie the new guy. Obviously both have stories and pasts which you expect to know a lot more about but we are given vague details and have to decide for ourselves the background of both characters.

As you can imagine Frank does not make Will feel welcome or even help him in his first day after doing initial training. As the film unfolds we do get slight backgrounds into the characters and see them develop a friendship after a very tough day on the tracks with the unmanned train roaming around at high-speed unable to be stopped!

We do get the occasional heart-stopping moment of being unsure if the train is going to actually stop or if it will cause absolute carnage and obviously I am not going to spoil the ending!

Denzel Washington is his usual charming self and really does seem to just glow in roles like this. He manages to be cheeky and likable all at once and does it so well. I cannot really recall seeing Chris Pine in many films but I did enjoy his performance. I thought he played the character in a great way for Denzel to bounce off him.

Unstoppable isn’t anything new in all honesty we have seen this type of film before.


4 thoughts on “Unstoppable (2010) Review

  1. I had some tickets for this but gave them away as my wife needed the car and I didn’t want to pay the train fair which would have still been half the cost of a cinema ticket… which shows how eager I was about the whole thing.

    The people how went instead gave it a resounding ‘yeah, it was ok’.


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