Going the Distance (2010) Review

A man Garrett and a woman Erin attempt a long distance relationship whilst one lives in New York and the other in California/San Fransisco, after meeting when she was an intern at a New York newspaper. Obviously you could see where the relationship was going after she stated that she was only there for 6 more weeks.

The genre of romantic comedy has been very indifferent in recent years and extremely hit miss in my opinion. This was a film which looked hilariously funny in the trailers. Yes it was very funny, but with a lot of comedies they did place a lot of the funniest parts in the trailer. Still had plenty in the actual film too. It was fun to watch and very easy-going. This was also a very good example of how sex can be used in comedy films especially with the added bonus of “dry humping” – which was even funnier due to one of the people I went to the cinema to see this film with only hearing that term for the first time a few days before the cinema trip (and he did not know what it was, haha).

Take away the comedy element and we do have a nice little story to go along with it as well, how two people are willing to make a relationship work, but also that having a life and/or getting your career on track can be more important than a relationship. Now that’s something I can really find myself relating too, as I have always promised myself that I won’t end up revolving my life around a man – yes that is easier said than done when you fall in love as it really does blind you to doing things just for that other person. SPOILER-  I really hated that it looked like Erin was going to just move to NY to be with Garrett and wait on tables instead of taking a good job at a newspaper in San Fransisco – the job she had worked so hard for many years to get! But luckily Garrett saw sense and I won’t spoil anymore!

Overall this was a very easy film to watch, fun and gives you moments to laugh at. Not my favorite rom-com of recent times I think The Rebound and (500) Days of Summer will take some beating but still a very good effort!

Performance wise I really cannot get away from Drew Barrymore as Josie from Never Been Kissed, I had to keep reminding myself I was not watching that film at times during this one. Justin Long while not the best looking man ever really does have something about him. I think that times it really was obvious that we were watching a real-life couple as the chemistry between the pair was very good!

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