GwDT: Robin Wright Penn is Erika Berger?

Another day, another possible part cast in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. The latest news is that Robin Wright Penn is in talks to take on the role of Erika Berger. Who is the long time occasional lover of Daniel Craig’s character Mikael Blomkvist, and editor of Millenium magazine.

I think this would be good casting as I can really see her in the role of Berger.

What does everyone else think?

8 thoughts on “GwDT: Robin Wright Penn is Erika Berger?

  1. Feh. I’m more thinking how completely STUPID people must be, thinking an American/English-language version will make this movie more accessible to the audience. Did people forget to read recently? Are we so star-obsessed that we won’t watch a movie if it has a bunch of unfamiliar Swedish actors?

    It doesn’t matter who they cast. The original Swedish movie is un-toppable and the US version can only be worse, except for ignorant audiences who don’t watch any foreign movies. It’s 2011, for crying out loud, stop ripping off of foreign films and come up with your own damn stories, lazy directors.


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