The Rebound (2009) Review

This film seems to have sat on the shelf for some time now and I am very happy to say it eventually was released a week ago in the UK. I am a massive fan of Catherine Zeta Jones and thought this role looked totally different to what we are used to from her.

The title of the film probably gives away what will unfold, but the way everything happens is much more complicated than it may first seem. Sandy (Catherine Zeta Jones) was a mother and wife who when learning of her husband’s affair moved into New York City with her two children for a fresh start. Getting her life back on track with a new job, new place to live and basically starting all over again. We really go through the motions with Sandy and the phases she faced in terms of denial, realization and ultimately when it would all come out. When it did was such a relief to watch, getting all her frustration out by venting her anger.

Aram (Justin Bartha) worked in a coffee shop and was having a tough time in his life, after finding out his French girlfriend then wife had used him to gain a green card for the US. Beating himself up about this when we first see him. As the film goes on we realize that Aram just seems way too nice for his own good.

When Aram ends up babysitting for Sandy’s children and then even becomes the nanny in order to help her out more and be able to work long hours. We can see where it is heading from the start and that they are both attracted to each other. But instead of forcing it and having the two characters have sex too soon we are subjected to such a build up that I really found myself wanting them to kiss. It seemed to be teasing the viewers as we knew it was eventually going to happen! It doesn’t end in the typical they lived happily ever after usual rom-com way. I won’t spoil what happens though!

We have seen many films with age gaps where the gap in the ages are ignored and everything appears to be ‘normal’. That is not the case in this film, Sandy and Aram must face the problems of the age gap. Maybe this is done because the woman is older? I cannot recall a film with the older man/younger woman pairing when they actually deal with the problems which come along with a big age gap for a couple. The problems are what you expect really, from wanting to go out drinking to the possibility of having children (or more children). Real life problems relationships of this nature would have to deal with.

The film manages to be funny, yet heart warming in parts as well. Showing that age shouldn’t matter and it’s how you feel about someone and how they make you feel which should be the most important factors in having a relationship with someone. But that also there is much more to life than just being with one person, you have to make sure you do things you really want to do, like when Aram decides to go travelling. You have to experience life and live a little before you can really settle down with someone.

The film also raises the question of people who are meant to be together will find away in the end even if that means being apart for quite a length of time. The end of he film really leaves us to make our own mind up what happened with Sandy and Aram, if they just remained friends or actually gave it ago 5 years later.

All in all I found this to be such a pleasant film to watch without much effort and did laugh out loud on quite a number of occasions. I could watch this again without thinking twice!

4 thoughts on “The Rebound (2009) Review

  1. I watched it this morning and absolutely loved it. Ironically I watched Date Night the previous night and was at a loss for how terrible it was, yet that managed to be a box office pleaser. What gives?
    I am currently watching it again right now. I didn’t intend to but it is a genuinely wonderful film.


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