Orlando Bloom – Married and going to be a Father!!!

Well it eventually happened one of my most favorite men ever is married and going to be a father, all this┬áhas been announced in the past week!!! Unfortunately he did not get to meet me and marry me etc! Like i’ve wanted since seeing fellowship of the ring in 2001 and first setting my eyes on Legolas. Thus began many years of total lust, which may long continue nothing can ever stop that, haha. Anyway I guess I have to say congratulations to Orlando on the news that he is going to be a father, one thing is for sure his child will be gorgeous!

Marshall and the Movies Origins

Marshall over at Marshall and the Movies, has been making blog posts featuring other bloggers answering questions about how they got into blogging and what they feel about it all. Well Let’s Go To The Movies was featured a couple of days ago, to check out this post go here.