Toy Story 3 (2010) Review

After such a long wait to eventually see Toy Story 3 (11 years to be precise), I went to the cinema on Monday for the 9.10pm showing and it was pretty full with people mainly around my age, that age being . . . well the children who grew up with the first Toy Story and it certainly took us all back to our childhoods and it felt great seeing our favorite toys on another adventure.

The film starts with what seems like a TV show with our favorite toys involved, but it is a flashback of when Andy was young and used to create games with his toys. We then fast forward to the present day of the toy’s being in a box and Andy being old enough to go away to college. This has left Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang wondering what their fate is going to be. A few different options which include, going to college with Andy, being put in the attic, thrown away or given to Sunnyside (a daycare center). The only option Woody wants is to go to college with Andy, he is not willing or ready to give up on Andy. The other toys don’t even want to be put in the loft and want to go to daycare so they can be played with by children again.

Again we follow our favorite toys on an adventure, this time it is not as nice as it first seems when Lotso and Ken great them in Sunnyside they think it is a fantastic place until they are put in the room with the small children who basically throw the toys around. This sparks an attempted escape from Sunnyside to get back to Andy, lead by Woody who was taken home by a little girl named Bonnie. Lotso who looks like a cuddly bear is anything but a nice cuddly bear, he is pretty much evil. But surely if anything is evil it has to have a reason to be evil and yes we do find out the route of his evil as the story progresses.

The storyline and emotions the characters have to deal with are very much geared towards adults and the transition from childhood to becoming an adult. All of the characters are used to help show the different emotions of growing up and having to let someone go as they grow up. The toys (especially Woody) have to deal with the fact that Andy is no longer a child anymore and doesn’t play with any of his toys. He is heading off to college and it is very unlikely that he is going to take any of the toys with him.

As the story progresses and the toys try to escape from Sunnyside with the cute but very evil Lotso bear trying to stop them we see how even Woody begins to realise that Andy will never really play with them again after a visit to Bonnie’s house he remembers what he is missing out on. They done their job with Andy looking after him until he is old enough to live without them.

We also see how difficult it all is for Andy’s mother as well, seeing her not wanting her eldest child to leave and go off to college to really start his life. It’s a very special moment in life as everyone involved will suddenly realise that nothing is going to be the same again.

I don’t want to spoil the ending for anyone who has not yet seen the film, but I thought it was very fitting and a nice way to wrap up the whole series. (But should we really be ruling out the possibility of Toy Story 4???). It is kind of like going full circle and back to how it all started. After a what I want to call a “I have Disney Moment” you should know what I mean I you have seen the film!

Because we have such strong feelings towards all the characters in this film from the previous two films we really are taken on such an emotional journey on the third outing. With it being 11 years since the last film we have all grown up as well so can understand the feelings especially with not playing or having any toys anymore. All of our old toys have either been given to younger children or packed away in the garage. So similarities can be made with this film.

I will have to admit that I really did love this film and enjoyed every second of it, well worth the 11 year wait! Pixar really do have a special way of making movies and lets hope it continues for a long time yet!

5 thoughts on “Toy Story 3 (2010) Review

  1. A review doesn’t mean “Explain the plot and then add OMG I LOVE IT”

    Please add your own opinions on the plot, the direction, the pacing, the overall appeal of the film etc.



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