Is it eventually time to go Blu-ray?

Well this will probably suprise you but I am still not part of the blu-ray revolution! Yes I know that really is bad isnt it! But I do need a new TV in my room before I can go for the blu-ray dvd player etc. I think I have now waited long enough and must join a better viewing world in terms of film at home. Sky HD on the TV in the living room, but upstairs an old TV with normal pictures . . . yes it really is time to go HD and blu-ray I reckon!

I have been looking at that Samsung player from HMV as you get 6 blu-ray dvd’s with it for only £149.99 which seems like a great deal to me. Unless anyone can point me in the direction of a better deal?

So should I take the plunge and go blu-ray???

12 thoughts on “Is it eventually time to go Blu-ray?

  1. I’ve got one and I think it’s well worth it to be honest. The discs are coming down in price and the difference in quality, though relatively small, does make viewing more enjoyable. Go for it!


  2. Yes! I completely recommend it. I’ve had a Sony player for about a year and a half and I will never go back! Some people say they don’t notice the difference, but those people don’t watch as many movies as I do!!!

    The thing I like most about it is that it will play even the most scratched up regular DVD’s that my old DVD player would have spit out.


  3. I don’t have a blu-ray player, but I own a PS3 that could play blu-rays. I have never seen a blu-ray movie. It seems too expensive to me. Even renting would be too much. I like the classic DVD. What’s wrong with it? It’s the same fucking thing to me.


    • Branden I thought the same thing about HD TV and channels, but after getting Sky HD haven’t looked back as the picture is so much clearer for the sport and even the movies!


      • I guess, I’m just old school. I took me a long time to get into CDs. they were around for a good 20 years before I got my first one. If you must know, they introduced in the mid 80s.


    • They are more expensive to rent. But you can buy them relatively cheap if you watch out for the deals and they are about the same price as what regular DVDs were a few years ago. The Blu Ray discs though have brought down the price for regular DVDs though, which makes them practically a steal.


      • I guess because I had to sell my previous collection, I’m hesitant to buy anything new regular DVD or blu-ray otherwise.


  4. I think most people have ben sitting back to see what would win out the the BluRay vs HD-DVD battle but it does look like BluRay is going to come out tops. It kinda annoys me since I’m still working on getting all my old VHS movies on DVD, and can’t really see the need to get an *even clearer* image. But then I felt like that about DVDs….


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