Thank You For Being A Friend – The Golden Girls

Another reason why I have had lack of film review updates for older films is due to the fact that I decided to watch Sex and the City from start to finish all 6 seasons. Then after that I started watching The Golden Girls, after they eventually released the first 4 seasons on DVD in the UK! Lets face it what better option do you have after watching SATC than jumping straight into SATC in older age . . . being The Golden Girls.

I am only up to the second season at the moment but totally forgot how cute, loveable and funny the four ladies are. Although at times now it is rather sad when you remember that Betty White is the sole survivor of our Golden Girls. I think it’s also very special that you can still watch and enjoy a show which was first out in the late 80’s/early 90’s. It must have set a standard for sitcoms!

Bea Arthur as Dorothy is seen as the main character of the four women, and is just fantastic in each episode. They all work so well together bouncing off each other. In the past I have spent hours watching the bloopers and outtakes from the show as they really are just hilarious.

We all have to hope as we grow older we will still have our best friends. This show really does show how important your friends should be to you and as the theme song states ‘thank you for being a friend’ as in the end after the men seem to leave us we will be left with just our friends.

In this day and age I think we can all still learn so much from watching “The Golden Girls”. They seem to still use men for fun, but friends are the most important thing!

Once again, thank you for being a friend and when I am done watching this I shall get back to movies . . . maybe I should find ones with my favorite 4 golden girls in them!

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