(2010) Review . . . set mainly in London (with a trip to New York included) is based on four friends who all have a very strange and action packed weekend. Which all begins from when they leave each other on a Friday afternoon. But this film wasn’t like any other film which kept jumping backwards and forwards to see what each friend was doing, know we had each girl’s full weekend then went back to when they left each other.

I thought this was a very clever way to give us the smaller pictures, then with each following story it helped fill in the gaps and explain why they were acting in certain ways. (Especially if they weren’t very nice to their friend). At times you might think it had the possibility of being a total disaster but for me it really worked out so well.

It was all mainly set round a robbery of diamonds, which yes one of the girls ended up with them! But that was not the only story going on in this film. We were introduced to all different themes and how the young women had to deal with their problems. We had a mother leaving her daughter, abortion/loss of a baby, being gay, losing virginity (and how people are not the same online as in person).

Noel Clarke seems to be setting a standard for British films of this nature. I have to admit that I am still to see his first two films! But after seeing this it has made me more determined to watch them very soon. Performance wise I thought the four main girls put in very good and believable performances. I am very keen to keep seeing Emma Roberts progress – and she really is showing that she can act!

While this film did touch upon so many different and some difficult story lines which teenagers/young people have to face today it also managed to be very funny and amusing at times – which has to be seen as an added bonus. It ended in such a fashion that a sequel will be on the way if this one done well enough!

This film gets the thumbs up from me, on a last note I found it to be very girl power! What do you men out there make of that?

One thought on “ (2010) Review

  1. I really enjoyed it too, you can see my review here. You mention Emma Roberts who I have to agree does a good job but the real star for me was Ophelia Lovibond, she had the toughest part and being the first story needed to get your attention. As for the format, have you seen Go, if not check it out. By the way Kidulthood and Adulthood are very different from 4 3 2 1 but well worth seeing.


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