Predators (2010) Review

A group of selected warriors from different parts of the world, suddenly found themselves on a strange island, or that should be a planet. But what else is on that planet with them? That’s right strange alien things known as predators. For me this will go down as a film which looked much better from the trailer.

I thought Adrien Brody was a strange casting choice for the lead role, as I still don’t really see him as the action hero type. Maybe “The Pianist” has totally typecast him for me, and I can’t get past that? But his performance was by no means the worst thing about this film, the tone of his voice was rather amusing at times.

This film did really lack a spark or something as really struggled to get going and for this genre didn’t really have enough action and fight scenes. They seemed to be very few and far between each piece of action. We didn’t really receive very much character development so in all honesty I didn’t care about any of them. The only person I was curious about was the Doctor (Topher Grace) which was only briefly touched upon we didn’t find out his full story.

It was rather predictable and with certain events occurring it was simple to figure out who was going to go next and not make it to the next spot the group would find themselves in. The group was made up of human predators, as they realised they were all seen as predators back in the real world. Hence being put on this planet against the alien predators.

Struggling to think of much else to take from this film . . . as straight after it had finished I said it was rubbish and that seemed to be the general consensus from the rest of the people in the cinema. One guy actually saying it was the worst film he had ever seen – I personally wouldn’t go that far as I have seen worse, but the point was still there that it was pretty bad.

I was quite surprised when I logged into IMDb this morning and saw a rating of at least 7.0, as it does not deserve that high a rating.

How long before we hear that Predators 2 is in the works? As it ended more parachutes were seen landing on the planet . . .

One thought on “Predators (2010) Review

  1. Saw this last night. For the most part I thought it was a return to form for the Predator franchise. Very much a homage to the original film. I think fans of Predator and Alien/Aliens will like this.


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