Best time to write a film review?

This thought came across my mind when reviewing Eclipse last week, and thinking about when the best time to write your movie review is. Baring in mind over the past few months I have not really reviewed many films, as have found myself extremely busy. Hopefully know I have managed to find a happy medium and manage to continue in a better manner with this blog.

For me when I write a review really does depend on the film. After seeing certain films I feel the need to quickly draft some thoughts down, in a start to the review. However, at times I write the review as quick as possible after watching the film. Some films with tougher subject matters and more thought into them often require a couple of days to let it all digest properly.

Whilst on my none posting period on the blog, I did go to the cinema and even start drafts for different film reviews. But for some of these films I feel as though the time may have passed until I can get a second viewing of the film, as too much time has passed since I watched them now.

My main point of this blog post is to get opinions of what my fellow bloggers find as the best approach.

So I propose these questions to you:

1. When do you write your film review?

2. How long do feel is too long after seeing a film to write a review?

3. Any particular film genre you struggle with the reviews?

6 thoughts on “Best time to write a film review?

  1. 1. I prefer to write in the evening. Studies have shown that night time is when one’s brain is at its most creative, and I’ve found that’s true when it comes to my writing. The later it is – the better I tend to write.

    2. I have no time frame for what’s “too long”. When fall rolls around I’ll see a glut of 20+ movies at TIFF…but I don’t write reviews of them until they get wide releases. Often this can take a month or two. As long as I can remember most of what happened in the movie, I’ll write!

    3. Popcorn movies can sometimes be tricky, because I tend to zero in on themes and mood…which they can often lack. There’s only so many ways I can say “It’s good because it’s fun”. Really dark movies can be tricky too, because it can be hard to express how you liked something so upsetting.


  2. Personally, it depends. When I watch a movie on DVD or in the theaters, I would have a notepad in my hands, like Roger Ebert. Thank you, Roger. I would jot my thoughts down and have it ready for my review a couple of hours later.

    Sometimes, I would see a movie and write the review the next day if I need to wrap my head around it. This is mostly of the rating that I would give it.

    I have reviews of movies that I have seen that I haven’t written yet. My SEPS reviews. I have seventeen to do, but I’ll get around to them eventually.


  3. I often write mine really late at night or early in the morning. During the day I am either too tired or don’t have enough ambition to start them.

    I usually write them about a day or two after I see the film, but no later than five days, after that it almost seems to late for me. Too late though would probably be the point after I have already seen 2 movies since the movie I would have reviewed.

    The hardest part is starting it for me. Once I get my intro to it, my first few catchy sentences, it is cake from there, but often I don’t feel creative enough to get it going so I put it off.

    I would love to start taking Branden and Roger’s idea of taking notes. I think I will try that, maybe it will fuel me a little sooner.


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