Movies from the iPad

I now have no excuse about updating this blog. As now have an iPad so can work on drafts and posts on my way to work! Good times I reckon. I have tried on the past to use my iPod touch or Blackberry but find them both too small to type on, but that is not a problem with the iPad at all!

I could even watch a couple of the movies I have on iTunes. So this really does bode well for more posts on the blog. If I don’t have time to start a review when I get home from the cinema on a night time the option now is the next morning to at least start it getting my main points down before I forget. Very easy to type on this keypad great size!

Anyone else in the iPad club?

Shrek 4 brings it’s own 3D Glasses . . .

As you may have noticed and remember from previous blogs I have written I am not the biggest fan of the 3D film, the only one which has really blown me away has been Avatar because they did not play on the 3D effects. The release of Shrek 4 aka Shrek Forever After last week, also saw the release of some special Shrek style glasses!

I plan on going to see the film on Saturday morning, which will probably be total madness with the number of children in the screen but I must admit that I do plan on buying the Shrek style glasses just because they really do look amusing!

But my main thoughts on this subject are how long before each film decides to cash in twice by having 3D glasses with something from the film on them? My guess is not long even if it just has the film name along the side. The whole 3D experience seems to be getting more expensive by the minute.

If you buy the glasses at a Cineworld cinema (I have no idea about the other chains) you receive a voucher for 1 pound off popcorn and one pound off a drink, but is that really worth it? With food and drink being so expensive at the cinema.

All this is just thinking about loud really, but I can see more and more different styles of 3D glasses sneaking into films over the next year or so!