Move out of the way kids, I’ve been waiting 11 years to see “Toy Story 3”

Inspired by a “become a fan” or now “like” on Facebook. I thought it was a good title to write some build up about the long-awaited third installment of Toy Story. To really get into this blog I guess I have to think back to 1995 and the release of the first Toy Story when I was 7/8 years old! So I had to be in the target audience for this film. I went to the cinema to see it and can remember totally loving it and I used to hope my toys came to life when I was not around (yes, probably extremely sad to admit that but it is true, and I am sure a lot of you out there felt exactly the same). The thought of your toys having adventures and everything really was just fantastic. Plus this was the first Pixar animation and so different to all the previous animated films we had ever seen.

Then 4 years later we got Toy Story 2 in 1999. Another adventure with our favorite toys, it is often said that sequel’s never live up to the original film, but Toy Story 2 really was just as good as the first film. (I am sure I have heard some people say they like the second one better!).

Then 11 years later, yes that’s right a whole 11 years after Toy Story 2 was released we eventually get Toy Story 3. I am very nearly 23 (next Friday to be precise) and I am very excited to see Toy Story 3 . . . as I am pretty sure it will take myself and a lot of people round about my age back to their childhood and how they felt when the first Toy Story came out. Myself and friends went to see Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in 3D when they were re-released for a few weeks earlier this yeah and late last year. Which was brilliant, not really so much for the 3D as that does not make much difference to me, but being able to see both films on the big screen again in the build up to the third film being released!

I actually had forgotten how good the films were and how they have not aged, and if they were brand new today would still be fantastic and be loved by young and old around the world. The messages in the films are simple and really do show how much kids really do love toys (and your toys love you back of course!). But I also forgot how sad Jessie’s story is and “When Somebody Loves Me” playing over that gets to me every time. I actually think of that scene from the film when I listen to that song!

With Toy Story 3 already being released stateside I have been doing my very best to avoid reading any reviews, but a few headlines have caught my eye about reviewers crying at the film and I have seen such a high rating on IMDb! For me this bodes really well for going to see the film. I did receive an email with the offer to go to an advanced screening but unfortunately live too far away from London to be able to make last minute arrangements for something like that! So from the very little I have managed to read it seems as though tissues will need to be at the ready for this film. Which I suppose is nothing new if we think about that Jessie and when somebody loved me scene I mentioned earlier!

The Toy’s really will be back in town very soon and I am very excited! Especially as it seems it was announced to long ago that we would get to see our favorite toys on the big screen again. Even seeing the figures of Woody, Buzz and the gang back in the Disney shop has been pretty cool as well. (I am sure they still stocked them before, but this time newer ones and right at the door).

It looks as though next week will be good! My birthday weekend finished off with a trip to see Toy Story 3 on the Monday! Thank you Disney/Pixar for an extra birthday present of Toy Story 3. 🙂

Toy Story 3 is released in the UK on Monday 19th July 2010.

6 thoughts on “Move out of the way kids, I’ve been waiting 11 years to see “Toy Story 3”

  1. I hope you enjoy it. It really does feel like the characters went right back into step, like they filmed it right after the second one. Its very familiar while at the same time exploring new territory. Exactly what you want from a sequel I suppose.


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