Sex and the City 2 (2010) Review

Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte returned to the big screen for a second outing this weekend.

That opening sentence just shows that I did indeed start this review the day after the film was released. It really was something I had been looking forward to since the first movie finished!

As normal I tried to avoid reading full reviews but for some reason I found myself draw to a couple about this film as it had advice for fans of the tv series and that advice was don’t see this film. But at the same time you will still enjoy seeing your favorite foursome on the big screen again.

I have to be one of the biggest satc fans, I could watch it all over and over again. I wasn’t really disappointed with this film as I didn’t expect anything from it just another look in at our four fabulous friends from Manhattan. The characters we grew to love over the years of the TV show.

The second trailer teased us with the sight of Aidan and Carrie being together. I just couldn’t wait to find out if anything was going to happen and I am pretty sure every other SATC fan was exactly the same.

While I have always loved Big I have to admit I took great pleasure in seeing Carrie eventually hurt him when she told him about kissing Aidan. After everything he put her through over the years. The tears she cried for him to see him hurt was karma in my eyes. It probably didn’t help where I was up to whilst watching the box set of the TV show when I went to see the movie either, when Big married Natasha. So I really did enjoy seeing Big hurt and actually realise what it was like for Carrie.

I have to admit that I have really struggled to try and sum up this film as in all honesty not much really happens. Unlike the first movie, which saw Carrie struggle with getting her life back on track when Big stood her up. But this movie looked into Carrie not really wanting to become a couple who just stay in the house watching TV and eating take out.

I guess this film can either be seen as a backwards step from what the TV series stood for or showing how you have to change your ways as you get older (unless your Samantha of course). SATC was originally about the single girl and how you can have sex without it meaning anything or just have sex to get your latest fix. Also how different relationships work.

Maybe it all should have been left alone, I even said to a friend afterwards this should have been called “and the city” as we did not see much sex!  I mean the TV series let us see and possibly learn so much about what men and women both want, some interesting positions were also shared!

I guess this will be the same reaction as many fans of the TV series, while it was not the best it was nice to see our friends again. I must had that Liza Minnelli singing “Single Ladies” was just hilarious!

8 thoughts on “Sex and the City 2 (2010) Review

  1. I’m a SATC fan but wow this movie was so unnecessary and painful, almost insulting to watch. Carrie is so whiny I actually feel sorry for Big, Samantha’s character is completely destroyed and Charlotte is entirely useless. I was at least looking forward to the fashion, but even that was disappointing. The only saving grace is Miranda, and a nice scene between her and Charlotte. The last act was so ridiculous I felt ashamed to be a woman.


    • Yeah great points, they seemed to have really changed what each character is really about in this movie which is such a shame after fantastic character development over the course of the TV series.


  2. I wish I could say I wasn’t disappointed, but I was. Although to be honest I didn’t have high expectations going in, considering the first film was one of the best that year and I thought it ended perfectly — no need for another! But because I was a fan of the series, of course I had to see this one. And it was just … too much in every way. Too much cutesy dialogue, too few genuinely clever lines, too many outlandish costumes, too many stunts that were blatantly disrespectful toward Muslim culture. I sincerely hope this is it for the franchise because I’m not sure it could go lower.


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