Eclipse (2010) Review

Well a few hours ago I attended my first ever midnight screening of a film and it has to be said it was a very random and interesting experience. Mainly because of how many people were at the cinema for a few different screenings of the third part of the Twilight Saga, this being Eclipse. My cinema very rarely has films starting later than 9.30pm but this could be the start of more later screenings in my opinion because of the sheer volume of people in the cinema last night. Then coming out at 2am, any way onto the film. I had read the book quite a while back and probably liked it the best out of the series. Team Jacob for me.

In terms of the film the series is getting slightly better each time, even though they are not by any means the best films made. I still think some of the corny lines and acting work better if you have read the book but transferred to the screen for people not in the book fan club would just find it stupid. Even some of it made me laugh last night – Bella punching Jacob and the noise and the way his face kinda shook looked rather ridiculous.

But anyway this film takes us on another journey with Bella who is still struggling to keep both Edward and Jacob happy. And actually admit to Jacob and herself how she actually feels for him. I actually really enjoyed the conversation between Edward and Jacob in the tent as from my memory of the book that was all pretty spot on.

I thought with the army of new borns and the training exercises with the Cullen’s and Werewolfs we would have had slightly more fight scenes and action scenes. I did feel like it was very true to the book and we got to see more about the different Cullen’s and how they became what they are now and how they got there. Got to love character building even if this is the third installment.

Acting wise we know that these are not the best films for performances (no matter what movie awards like MTV and other fan voted awards say). But after seeing “Remember Me” at least we did find out Robert Pattinson can actually act! He actually was less wooden in this film which took the edge off him not really being able to act, which was a good thing in my opinion.

I have to admit because I read the book a while back now I forgot how difficult some of it would be with the triangle and Jacob trying so hard to get Bella would be. Love always seems to end up in a triangle and you sure as hell don’t want to end up the one alone!

Well that pretty much sums up my first midnight screening, the saga is improving with each outing. So two more times we should have to visit the cinema (probably at midnight again) with Breaking Dawn in two parts.

4 thoughts on “Eclipse (2010) Review

  1. I liked Eclipse way better than New Moon. I watched it with my boyfriend, who’s not read the books, and he had no problems following the story.

    I hated New Moon but I’m now looking forward to Breaking Dawn 🙂


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