Top 10 – Worst Films of 2009

Following on from my top 10 best films of 2009 . . . I decided to list the 10 films I found to be the worst of 2009. I am pretty sure people will agree with a lot of the films on the list. But definitely have one film which will probably surprise everyone as well.

What were your worst films of 2009?

10. Men Who Stare at Goats Review

A film that actually looked really funny on the trailer and had a brilliant cast was so disappointing. It was very random and did not make much sense, even the funny parts in the trailer were not actually funny when you saw the full scene in the film.

9. Notorious Review

A film about Notorious B.I.G showing his life and how he became a rapper and the rivalries he had and events which lead to his death. It just seemed really pointless.

8. Did You Hear About the Morgans? Review

Sorry SJP yes I love you as Carrie Bradshaw in SATC. But I am sure you will admit too that this film was very disappointing. It did not really have very much going on.

7. District 9 Review

I think the inclusion of this film on my list of worst films will really surprise everyone. As I know that a lot of people did like this film. I just found it really boring, random and totally pointless. I am not a fan of films which attempt to appear as it was real footage.

6. Funny People Review

With having the word funny in the title that is exactly what you expect from this film lots of funny moments, a comedy. Especially with Adam Sandler and Seth Rogan as the main actors. But instead we got a film which was very loosely put together and was more like two different films as the first and second parts didn’t fit together properly.

5. The Final Destination Review

Totally made for the 3D effects which was constantly shown by items/objects constantly flying out of the screen. How many more different stupid ways can we see people die when they cheated death one day?

4. The Ugly Truth Review

Sorry Gerard Butler I do love you, but this film was very bad. So predictable and a prime example of how bad a lot of the films in the rom-com genre have gotten in recent years.

3. Surrogates Review

It had been quite a while since Bruce Willis’ last film or at least the last time I had seen one of his films and I don’t think he really should have bothered with this one. Again something that looked quite interesting had such stupid moments.

2. Gamer Review

I have to admit that I was quite looking forward to this film, as I do love Gerard Butler and the whole concept of someone controlling you seemed to be a good idea with a lot of reality TV programmes and the big brother is watching you. But this really was just bad from start to finish.

1. Knowing Review

In what seemed to be a very good concept and idea it totally crashed and burned when it hit a point of looking totally ridiculous. Nicholas Cage really has been picking up disappointing films in recent years.

30 thoughts on “Top 10 – Worst Films of 2009

  1. Would agree with a lot of these. I started watching Knowing on DVD and abandoned it about 30 minutes in. Also, saw Gamer last week and it’s definitely on my list of worst movies of all time. Awful!
    Have to disagree on District 9, I loved it and would have placed it as one of my favourite films of 2009.


  2. okay so I held my tongue yesterday when Avatar was placed at fourth best film of the year but ye gods your top three worst films are harsh. All of them were flawed in one way or another but they were good movies – Surrogates and Gamer had much more interesting things to say to say about the use of false selves than Avatar did (or perhaps they were just more honest in portraying it as a step away from authentic experience) and Gamer, with its frantic and often incomprehensible edit was also far more immersive than Cameron’s film.

    Regarding Knowing; yes it is clearly tosh and yes Nic Cage appeared to be asleep but as a genre piece it did exactly what it promised it would in a very efficient fashion.


    • I really appreciate your opinions and views on it all. I probably manged to avoid some films which are even worse than those on my list, but that is just how I felt about them really.

      I know Avatar has seemed to be hit miss around the blogging world.


  3. I would have to say my Top 10 worst films of 2009 would be (in no particular order)…

    1. Old Dogs / 2. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen / 3. Miss March / 4. Night of the Museum 2 / 5. Gentleman Broncos / 6. G.I. Joe / 7. Jennifer’s Body / 8. The Ugly Truth / 9. All About Steve / 10. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (again)


      • Yes I’m with Luke in that I LOVE District 9, in fact, substitute the three words you used with its antonym and that’d describe how I feel about it. I do agree with TUT though, even as a fan of GB I still have taste! Good thing I haven’t seen the rest of the flicks, though I’d put Transformers (any one of them) as it should belong on any WORST list.


  4. Funny People wasn’t all that funny, but it wasn’t awful. And District 9, well, if you didn’t like it you didn’t like it. I think it is rather over-rated, but still a good flick. Knowing actually looked partially interesting, but I have heard so many bad things I never really checked it out.

    Did you not see Wolverine this year? Or Transformers 2?


    • I haven’t seen Transformers or the second one either. I watched like 30 minutes of Wolverine whilst on a flight and had to turn it off.


  5. I’m with ya on District 9, man. That Wikus was a dickhead. Funny People was a dud, too. Geez, there were some shitty movies out last year. I think Terminator Salvation topped my Worst Of… list.


  6. There are 6 on the list I would so agree withyou on, let me add a few kid’s ones, G-Force, Alvin &The Chipmunks 2 and Fantastic Mr Fox, watched them with my kids, painful. There will be some comeing up I’m sure, they are planning on doing ‘Step Up 2’ in 3D.


  7. Gamer was truly my most horrendous movie of 2009. The Ugly Truth was close. I thought Surrogates albeit relatively mediocre, wasn’t all that bad. A little bland sure, horrendous no.


  8. good list. having only seen two (The Ugly Truth, or as Ruth at Flix Chatter called it TUT, and District 9)
    TUT TUT is tutterrible. can see why you put District 9 on there. a good, but dreadfully overrated, film that failed to build on its initial idea
    Sharlto (spelling?) Copley was great in it though


    • Glad you can see my point about District 9 as thats the main one people have disagreed with.

      Lucky that you have only seen two of the films haha!


    • Oh mr. McG… you crack me up, man! TUT is really just the initial of The Ugly Truth, but ok, make it whatever you want it to be 🙂 Sharlto IS the best thing about the D-9… he’s the heart of the story and I really sympathize with his character. If someone else (more famous but less capable actor) had played him, I’m not sure I’d love it as much.


  9. I was fairly disappointed in “Funny People”; I felt like it was two movies, and only the first one (the first 45 minutes or so) was the dark, bittersweet comedy I’d paid money to see. Still, I’m not sure I’d classify it as one of the worst.

    Sarah Jessica Parker continues to DEpress me with her role choices post-“Sex and the City.” It’s like she doesn’t want anything to overshadow Carrie Bradshaw and so she deliberately lowballs it. She’s a better actress than that.


    • Yeah Funny People really was two different movies put together and did not really link well at all.

      Your so right that SJP is a better actress than that, a lot of her earlier roles have proved that. Maybe she has just got stuck with the whole Carrie Bradshaw label?


  10. I was surprised to see that you put District 9 on your worst. Hmm… I don’t know if I agree with that, but people have different tastes. I am glad that you put Funny People is there. It wasn’t the worst, but it was a disappointment for sure.


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