Sex and the City 2 (2010) Poster 2

The second poster for the up and coming Sex and the City movie has been released. I think I actually like it better than the first one. Bring on the end of May!!!

15 thoughts on “Sex and the City 2 (2010) Poster 2

  1. So cannot wait for thisss, like OMG!!!!!! Juts Kidding! This is going to be drop-dead terrible! Matthew Broderick should just divorce Jessica Parker now, so he doesn’t have to say his wife was in this train wreck.


  2. I’ve heard so many guys say that they hate SJP, it’s so weird, as most women really like her:) Aside from all that, thought the first film was shocking, which is a pity as loved the series.


    • That is a really strange thing about SJP. Maybe it has something to do with the Carrie character and SATC as a whole as men don’t really like the way men are portrayed in the show/film.


  3. I will see this despite the fact I think they’ve taken the series past its expiration date. The TV show ended beautifully. The first movie ended beautifully. This latest movie feels totally unnecessary.

    But damn my wonderment at $750 shoes!


    • It really is all about the shoes isn’t it. I cannot even imagine spending that much on a pair of shoes haha.

      I can totally understand your points about the series and first movie. Maybe the success of it all and knowing it will make a killing at the box office really pushed it through? Mind you I will be happy to see loads of women in the cinema again like with the first movie.


    • I didn’t notice that her glasses were on a stick until you pointed it out haha.

      Desert because the girls go away on holiday 🙂 haha


  4. I saw the trailer for this again last night and I am actually thrilled to watch it again.

    They have to taunt us with Aiden don’t they?

    Damn it! Damn it!


    • Isn’t it total torture that they show us Aiden and we still have over a month to wait and see what happens – if anything!

      I do love the second trailer. But it really cannot come quick enough for me as the first trailer seems to be attached to every film that comes out at the moment!


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