Desert Island DVDs

Whilst trying to decide which films to include, I decided the biggest factor had to be if your able to watch it over and over again. I mean your only going to have 8 DVDs to chose from. Pointless having DVDs in there if you could not watch them over and over.

In putting together my list they had to have a good story, acting and interesting characters who you could either relate to or are very likeable.

My initial idea was to narrow it down towards the 8 films by separating the films into different genres. Then attempting to have at least one from each genre, giving a wider variety of film choice. But I am not entirely sure that actually happened when I look at my finished list.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

  • Thought provoking and complex with a very interesting concept.
  • Brilliant performances from Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey
  • Has to be watched many times for you to really notice a lot of things in it.
  • Makes you wonder if you would erase someone
  •  Confuses you so much throughout

American Beauty

  • “Look Closer . . . ” – tagline really explains it all, that you must look closer as life isn’t always what it first appears.
  • You must look closer at everything.
  • Brilliant performances from all members of the cast, who work so well together.
  • How midlife crisis can go
  • You will never look at a plastic bag blowing in the wind in the same way again!

The Sound of Music


  • Feel good film you can sing along to and enjoy at any ages.
  • The love story, between Maria and the Captain.
  • This is the film I watch when I feel a little down or ill, as it makes me smile.
  • Julie Andrews being just amazing
  • Heartwarming

The Dark Knight

  • Amazing performances and storyline
  • I saw it 3 times at the cinema (holding the record for most cinema viewings for a film)
  • The Joker & Batman
  • Thought provoking in the sense of terrorism
  • Amazing Batman installment

Million Dollar Baby


  • I tried to resist all temptation of including my favorite film in this list, but the pressure got to me and I decided to include it.
  • Amazing performances and a storyline which really got to me.
  • The score by Clint Eastwood is just brilliant
  • The trio of Swank/Eastwood/Freeman
  • Best Picture Oscar winner

As Good As It Gets

  • Jack Nicholson at his very best in a best actor winning role.
  • Such a funny film with sarcastic and very witty humour used.
  • Helen Hunt in an Oscar-winning role
  • The dog – amazing in so many ways
  • The amazing lines Nicholson delivers


  • The ultimate tale of friendship lasting and how you get past disagreements and heartache.
  • Tear-jerking
  • “Wind Beneath My Wings”
  • Bette Midler putting in a believable and brilliant performance
  • Totally heart-breaking

Rocky Horror Picture Show

  • Yes I am very much part of the Rocky Horror fan club
  • This has to be one of the ultimate cult films.
  • Launched the Time Warp
  • Brilliance of Tim Curry in Drag
  • “Give yourself over to absolute pleasure”

31 thoughts on “Desert Island DVDs

  1. Very varied and interesting list.
    Million Dollar Baby is an amazing film, but I think would find it a bit sad for desert island viewing 😀
    As Good as it Gets, great film! I’ve seen it about a million times.


  2. Beaches… on a beach! I geddit!
    joking aside i actually love Beaches and maintain its not a chick flick – its way more universal than that
    its a film about friendship, and if you cant tap into that because you have male genitalia then i feel sorry for you.


    • Haha, yeah thats what I was going for the friendship factor. Something you may just have to watch when your stuck on a desert island.


    • Thanks, yeah it was a border line choice but then I figured I’ve had to watch it quite a few times to really get into it. So a desert island would be a perfect time to watch it over and over haha.


  3. I just love Beaches so I can get more of my Blossom fix!
    This is a great list, CAZ… I gotta say though, I’m surprised so many people are picking Spotless mind. It’s good but it’s getting the most love with the likes of Indy and Batman!


  4. Man, I should have thrown American Beauty up on mine. I would gladly pick Lester Burnham as the one other dude to spend my time with. Great picks, dude.


  5. I’ll echo the love for the American Beauty choice. I’m a fan of bringing any movie that’s got a wide variety of emotions and tones, and that one spans a lot. Funny as hell at times, depressing at others, with a bit of weirdo whimsy from looking at plastic bags in between. Overall, just some great characters.

    And of course, I love the Eternal Sunshine choice – my first pick.


  6. I love seeing American Beauty and Beaches on here. Two of my favorites ever. I suppose if you needed a good genuine cry, it would be way I’d like the cry the most.


    • Yeah you really do just have to have a good cry at times, and Beaches is totally one of the best that do that for me. I have actually bought the DVD for my best friends for Christmas and birthdays in the past!


  7. Interesting list, Caz. I only sat through “Beaches” once and probably couldn’t again — chick weepies aren’t my thing, but that’s a good one as those kind of films go.

    “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” seems to be a perennial pick (it’s on my list), but “Rocky Horror Picture Show” is a first! I still haven’t seen that, and its placement on someone’s list convinces me that I must!


    • Hmm interesting that you havent seen the Rocky Horror, M. I know a lot of people have never seen it. As long as you like rock music and dont mind men in drag then you should like it. I will be interested to know your thoughts on it if you get to watch it sometime soon.


  8. Woah, Million Dollar Baby for a Desert Island selection? Isn’t that a little depressing for being on a luscious desert island? I agree with you that the score is brilliant and the movie is very very good the the last half is such a downer. To me the first half is awesome fun, and nothing but superb acting from Clint and Morgan…but I have to squirm in my chair watching the last half as it goes from bad to worse.

    Still excellent choices with The Dark Knight and American Beauty (I’m liking that last one more and more lately).


    • I like American Beauty more and more with each viewing, that being the main reason it made it to the desert island with me.

      Yeah Million Dollar Baby is rather depressing when it gets towards the end, but if your stuck on a desert island it could be used as a “o well my life isnt that bad” type of thing.


  9. The first 4 or 5 I would definitely have on my list. Not sure how many times I can watch The Dark Knight again though after seeing it 9 times in theatres… man I’m a nerd.


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