Looking for Eric (2009) Review

Eric a football fanatic postman whose life is descending in to crisis receives some life coaching from the famously philosophical Eric Cantona. Inspirational that you can turn your life around whenever you want to.

As you may already know I love football and another little fact which will help a lot before I write this review is that I used to love Eric Cantona when I was younger and he was at Man Utd. I thought he was just fantastic, so to see him in a film and be talking about his playing days discussing some of his goals and the favorite pass he made. All of this helps our main character also named Eric who is a postman who is sick of everything in his life. He seems to have gotten to a point where he feels he has nothing and does not know how to change it.

Eric is left alone with two stepson’s who disrespect and disobey him until Ryan the oldest boy gets himself into trouble when he keeps a gun in Eric’s house belonging to a dangerous gangster. This does not help situations when Eric is getting along with his first wife Lily again whom he has a daughter and granddaughter with.

Eric helps out Ryan and he really changes towards Eric, which was a really good thing to see after the Cantona scenes which were really amusing. Lots of Man Utd fans helping out Eric getting back at the gangster Ryan got mixed up in. Towards the end of the film everyone seemed to react well to the new Eric and it was really good to see.

I found the scenes with Eric Cantona just brilliant because it just shows how people can be helped by someone or something they love. Even if it is in a dream sequence, just that extra push in the right direction really can help. Especially towards Eric in this film. Seeing him rebuild is life from being in a position with nothing to having hope of his family being one was refreshing to see.

I like British films for their realism with the characters they have for the different areas they are set in. This film being in Manchester I thought done well for the area with the actors they had in. Do we really swear a lot in England though? As this film also takes the trend of a lot of swearing like most other British films. But then again I suppose it being a football film it goes with swearing.

Has anyone else seen this or want to see this to discuss it?

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