Oscars 2010 – The Show

Possibly the most predictable Oscars in recent times. But what was the show like? Well I thoroughly enjoyed it last year and that was because of host Hugh Jackman and some changes made to the show. I had also seen most of the nominated films and was much Team Rourke thinking we were going to see Mickey win for his role in “The Wrestler” a film I really loved. But that didn’t happen and then the very overrated Slumdog took the big prize, I pretty much fell out of love with the Oscars.

Then this year I had not and still have not seen many of the nominated films because of limited release or still not being released in te UK yet (eg. The Blind Side). So I was Team Up in the Air – even though it did not look likely that they stood a chance of winning any awards. I plan on buying “The Hurt Locker” asap to see what all the fuss is about.

I was very pleased to see Kathryn Bigelow because the first female director winner and was rather concerned she looked like was going to faint after winning two Oscars in the space of five minutes. Beating her former husband to the gold statue had to add an even greater sense of occasion. What a moment to be Kathryn I would totally love that getting one over on him in such an amazing way.

The show was not the best and seemed to have sound problems, unless that was just in the UK on Sky Movies. I found myself fast forwarding over most of it especially the street dancing whilst the original score nominations were on. Obviously I found great pleasure in forwarding over Claudia Winkleman et al who are extremely annoying in the Sky Movies studio discussing the winners and who will win the next awards.

Best presenter had to be Ben Stiller in full Avatar costume/make-up. It really was amusing! Especially when he was attempting to speak in the language from Pandora. James Cameron was even laughing too which I suppose was a good thing – but then again he had to as a lot of the jokes were aimed towards him.

The hosts were funny with Steve Martin being more relaxed than Alex Baldwin who seemed a little nervous to begin with. But Steve had been in that position twice before. Both got funny lines which went down well. The opening monologue was probably the best part of the whole show.

I did like the presenting of the best actor and actress Oscars. Having a former cast member of the nominated person talk about them before announcing the winner was a nice touch. Some of it was quite tear jerking very nice and personal. Jeff Bridges looked full when Maggie Gyllenhaal was talking about him. I liked it last year when a former winner of the acting awards was talking about one of the nominees but found this to be a much more personal way. Tim Robbins towards Morgan Freeman was just so funny!

I guess I will have to come back to the winners when I have seen more of the performances/nominated films to really comment if I feel the right person or film won.

Lets hope that next year I can fall back in love with the Oscars . . .maybe?

3 thoughts on “Oscars 2010 – The Show

  1. You liked the presenting of the actors and actresses? I hated that. There’s only so much bragging about a person you can do before it gets awkward, and that was awkward.


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