I Love Million Dollar Baby

If you have not been on my blog before you may not know my deep love for Million Dollar Baby. It is my favorite film EVER. Whilst having a search on my computer I came across pictures grabbed from one of the trailers and decided to make it into a blog post. Mainly because it really did put across the whole point of the film, about Maggie’s dream.

10 thoughts on “I Love Million Dollar Baby

  1. maybe cos its maudlin, middle of the road, stereotyped, afternoon movieish, overrated, overwrought, overpraised, middle of the road crap.
    im not sure.
    and yes, its so middle of the road its in the middle of two roads!


  2. Hilary Swank is a force of nature. She deserved that Oscar. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Maybe what I like about her performance is that Maggie isn’t some kind of trailer park angel with a heart of gold. Yeah, she’s smug. No, she’s not perfect. I like it when people clawing their way to the top put themselves first; it makes their characters far more intriguing.


    • Yeah it really does make them more interesting and complex doesnt it. Instead of a golden girl making it to the top, instead its a woman who has always been told she will never make it in life at anything so its pointless trying. So she sets her sights on something she loves and wants to become the best. A total inspirational story.


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