Valentine’s Day (2010) Review


Intertwining couples and singles in Los Angeles break-up and make-up based on the pressures and expectations of Valentine’s Day. Kinda like Love Actually but instead of Christmas and London . . . Valentine’s Day and LA.

Well where to start with a film that had so many different characters and storylines going on. All in one day Valentine’s Day. Showing how in LA people celebrate, enjoy or not enjoy Valentine’s Day. I must admit that this probably wasn’t the best film choice for me to go and see as I hate Valentine’s day. I was expecting to complain after seeing it but actually it did not make me feel worse about being alone. I actually want to have a “I Hate Valentine’s Day” party like Jessica Biel’s character in the film. Singing “I Will Survive” as that was so amusing as that song is always seen as encouragement after a break up or being alone.

It has all different types of relationships ranging from teenage love, a few weeks of dating, married couples, a couple getting engaged, break up’s and even a school boy young crush/first love. All of the stories overlap a few times tying quite a lot of the different characters together in a couple of the storylines.

While yes this film is obviously a romantic comedy therefore has a lot of sweet love moments it was not lovely dovey as I had expected it to be. Quite a few of the story lines were quite realistic which I was not expecting. But also some were rather extravagant. But some how most of it seemed to work. The only storyline which seemed pointless was the two Taylor’s storyline of the high school boyfriend/girlfriend. While yes I did laugh a lot at how dumb Taylor Swift had to be and her dancing was funny, it just seemed pointless.

Most of it was pretty obvious to work out what was going to happen next but sometimes thats nice. I do have to admit that certain parts were quite sad and upsetting (yes my frame of mind probably didnt help) but I guess that was the point of those stories.

The whole McDreamy with Jennifer Garner was pretty obvious how that was going to work out. I found myself filling up when her best friend Ashton Kutcher was trying to tell her as it was just sad as she had no idea the first time he tried to tell her. It got even worse when he tried to stop her at the gate getting on a plane to go and see her wonderful boyfriend. Who was in fact married with children. This lead to a just brilliant scene in a restaurant later that evening.

As you already know if you read my blog regularly I am a massive Julia Roberts fan and it has to be said that she is the main reason I really wanted to see this film. Yes she was not in it very much but her smile and laugh really can just make you smile and laugh too. (and cry but I am not going to spoil that part).

It is certainly not as bad as it has been made out to be. I actually found quite a few of the lines rather funny, the most memorable for me being “It’s my own fault I am alone on Valentine’s Day the biggest relationship I have is with my Blackberry . . . thank god it vibrates.”

Not the best rom-com I have ever seen but by no means the worst.

13 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day (2010) Review

  1. Why, every year, does Hollywood insist on remaking “Love Actually” with always-disastrous results? At least in that movie we get to know the characters and actually care about some of them; in “Valentine’s Day,” we get what seems like 400 characters we know virtually nothing about. What. A. Mess.

    Oh, and I hated this movie before I saw it on principle because any movie that insists on telling me that Jessica Biel can’t find a date is the dumbest movie ever.


    • Yeah the character development was something that was lacking in this film. But it could have worked with a few of the storylines taken out.

      Its more that Jessica Biel can’t find love rather than a date. I want to have a “I Hate Valentine’s Day” Party but I don’t think I would be able to find a big enough venue as I am sure loads of people would love that party. haha


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