The Full Monty (1997) Review

Six unemployed men, in an attempt to raise some money decide to go for the full monty.

Gaz (Carlyle) is the ringleader to completing the full monty in order to get the money he needs in order to be allowed to see his son Nathan. His best friend Dave (Addy) is very much by his side for most of it, they do have a falling out but make up in the end. They recruit other unemployed people, along with the unlikely Gerald (Wilkinson) who was once their manager. The idea to strip was brought on by the Chippendales being in the area and hundreds of women going to watch them, this is why they have to do the full monty . . . stripping completely naked. While yes it is about stripping to make some money, this story has much more of a heart than that. Mainly on the behalf of Gaz for the reason he is doing it, so he can see his son who was very much involved in the set up of the full monty taking place. He is the person who convinces Gaz to do it in the end.

It really is best of British for me, especially in the comedy genre. Even though I have seen it soooooo many times I still find myself really laughing at the same parts over and over again. I think another reason is I have known or know men like in this movie. Just by the way they kinda go on, not in an extreme way but like slight resemblances. They all play parts of typical British men, which is so funny to see and watch.

I could actually watch this film over and over without getting bored and find myself laughing each time. British films really do seem to appeal to me and I can watch them over and over. I love hearing the different accents from the different cities/places they are set in as you can relate to them more if you either live in that area or no someone from that area and have the same accent.

With the actors in this film whenever I see them in anything else I always see them as “the one from the Full Monty” whether that is a good thing or not, haha. Tom Wilkinson especially even when he is fantastic in a serious role I still can’t help but think of him as Gerald in this film. As its such a different role to what we have seen him do in the past few years.

I have always thought Robert Carlyle has something about him in the looks department as while he is not obviously attractive there is definitely something about him. Maybe in this film because he has the cheeky attitude going on. But he totally has that something, any women like to back me up on that one?

You have to admit as well that if a group of men from round where you live decided to do the full monty you would really want to go and watch it as I know I definitely would love that. Final words on this film has to be that it is a very nice story of a group of men who become good friends doing the full monty to make some money when times were hard and they could not get any job.

10 thoughts on “The Full Monty (1997) Review

  1. There are few things in life that make me as happy as the scene of the boys subtly dancing in the dole line…and the mental image of that has really got my Monday morning off to a good start.

    Thanks for that!


  2. I was never much of a fan of this movie. It came out a few months after Fever Pitch that I actually found funnier. I am a fan of Nick Hornby and as a fanatical football fan I was probably predisposed to love the movie. Having said that the dole queue scene is brilliant, the way it starts with a the tapping foot then builds.


      • Its hard for a football fan not to love the movie, it reminds us of the irrational nature of our obsessions. Anyway that’s enough about football it just reminds me how pissed off I am that I can’t get a ticket for the league cup final next week!


  3. I was surprised that this movie was nominated for Best Picture in ’97, but I was a good movie like “The Commitments.”


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