There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble (2000) Review

This film is a British film about a school football team in Manchester and how if they get to the final of the school’s cup they get to play at Maine Road (Man City’s old ground now). The story follows Jimmy Grimble who loves City and football but lacks a lot of confidence and is constantly bullied by the other boys on the team. He becomes friends with an old woman who gives him “magic” boots.

Jimmy lives with his mother and nothing is mentioned of his actual father. His mother’s ex-boyfriend Harry (Ray Winstone) was the closet person he had to a father but unfortunately he was not as nice as first appeared to be. He loved City and took Jimmy to the games.

Another great influence on Jimmy became the school PE teacher/football team coach Eric Wirrall who it turns out actually used to play for City but he had kept this a secret from the school and team. Eric had totally lost his passion for the game and did not really care any more at all. But Jimmy regained his faith and found his passion for the game again.

The old woman who gave Jimmy the boots was the third person who had a big impact on Jimmy. Telling him that they were owned by someone who used to play for City thats why they were magic. With the boots Jimmy then entered the world of superstitions in sport. He believed that the boots were what made him the player he had become. When they go missing on cup final day he has no faith or belief in himself. He then has to battle the idea of wearing new boots which causes his first half to be terrible. Harry and Eric both talk to him at half time and then he realises that it was not the boots after all and must be his feet.

I really enjoyed the way in which the passion for football in different ways such as playing, coaching and supporting was all seen in this film. I understand all three of those aspects as have always been involved in football. So seeing it transfer into a film was very good from my point of view. Hearing English slang words such as “don’t lose your bottle” among others is always a plus in my opinion.

This is a nice easy film to watch which really does have a heart. Showing that if you really believe in yourself you can do what you set your mind too. From a coaches point of few it shows that if you really care about the game and the players that you will put everything into the team your coaching so they can enjoy football and gain positive experiences from the game.

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