You Know Your Obsessed With Movies When . . .

I was going to make a hundred ways you know your obsessed with movies when . . . but I decided not to put a number on it and see how many I could come up with. If you have anymore to add to the list leave a comment and they will be added. Lets see how many we can come up with!

  1. You have a movie blog
  2. You attend the cinema at least twice a week (sometimes more)
  3. You always know what films are released each week
  4. You have a Cineworld Unlimited Card
  5. You can quote hundreds of movies
  6. You own hundreds of DVDs
  7. You mention movie scenes in everyday conversation
  8. You have your favorite actors/actresses
  9. Your friends/family ask your advice on movies before watching them
  10.  You read lots of other movie blogs
  11.  You comment on other movie blogs
  12.  You are a member of the LAMB
  13.  When you hear certain songs they remind you of a movie scene
  14.  You have inside jokes at the cinema
  15.  You get excited when the Orange film adverts change
  16.  You want to watch all of the films nominated for awards before the awards shows
  17.  You know that in March until June/July that its mainly bad films which come out
  18.  You have seen most of the best picture Oscar winning pictures
  19.  You have guilty pleasure films
  20.  You have lists of your top films split into lots of different categories
  21.  You have attempted or attempting to write your own screenplay
  22.  If your watching a boring film you begin to wonder how your going to review it
  23.  You do not read reviews before you have seen the movie
  24.  You can be biased if your favorite actors/actresses are in a movie
  25.  You are shocked when people say they haven’t seen some of the most well known films
  26.  You look forward to the Oscars so you can complain about the winners when you disagree
  27.  A film which has won the best picture Oscar is a must see. You have to check if it deserved to win
  28.  IMDb is your main source for the latest information

To be continued as thats all I can think of right now.

Comment with your suggestions.

10 thoughts on “You Know Your Obsessed With Movies When . . .

  1. #7 – not very often
    #15 – relieved more than excited
    #23 – I do still read reviews
    #24 – not really

    All others guilty as charged!

    Other suggestions:

    You have movie posters or stills on your walls rather than conventional art. (for me its: Casablanca in the lounge, Pulp Fiction and Three colours Red in my bedroom and various movie stills on the wall up the stairs.)

    If you want to see a movie that no one else wants to see you happily go on your own.


    • I cannot believe I forgot what you suggested as I have movie stills and posters up.

      Also I more than happily go to the cinema alone if I am the only one who wants to see a movie.


  2. hahaha wow every single one of these applies to me except for 4 & 15, both of which sound location specific (no Cineworld or Orange where I live).

    22 is ESPECIALLY relevant – i actually don’t mind not liking a film now, because I know I can tear it to shreds in a review

    And both of Fandangogroovers apply as well – I have Memento, The Shawkshank Redemption, Casino Royale, Fight Club, Alien and Kill Bill Volume 1 in my bedroom (and The Dark Knight “why so serious” poster in my closet)


  3. “Hi, my name is Aiden.”
    “Hell, Aiden.”
    “Hi. Um…I’m a movie addict.”
    ::everyone gets out of their seats to give a resounding standing O while raising the roof::
    “Hell yeah!”
    ::Aiden gives high tens all around. It’s awesome::

    Proud to have a problem. Great list, man.


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