Pure what?

Yes that’s right pure HMV . . . a card which you use every time in store or online to collect points. But what can you buy with these points I hear you ask. Well you can buy things that money can’t buy you (well it probably could but not from HMV itself).

I have had my card for a few weeks now and just wish i’d had it for a long time now as I would have quite a lot of points built up. Today I went into HMV and came out with one DVD (yes I did say I was not going to buy any more DVDs until I watch the ones I already have, but I found a loop hole that I have already seen the film I bought, that being Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). I also bought two books Up in the Air (because I loved the film so much) and Love Letters of Great Men and Women . . . because it said inspired by Sex and the City on the front. Yes I am way too obsessed with SATC, but hey it might regain my belief in love. Or it will make me resent it even more time will tell I guess.

So what is the first thing I have my sights set on with purehmv points?

A poster from The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke as Ram and a quote from the Deer Hunter. Well today I reached my points goal and will still have 500 points left in my account after ordering the poster.

I just find this poster and the quote so inspirational and as you will know if you follow my blog that I just love The Wrestler. Even if it is supposed to be more of a male film (apparently) but I don’t see it as a male film. I see it as for people who love and have a passion for a sport.

Do you have a purehmv card?

If so what do you want to buy?

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