The Hangover (2009) Review


Four guys go to Vegas for a stag party two days before the wedding. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas . . . but can any of them actually remember what happened in Vegas? Well thats partly the problem they have when they cannot find the groom. So they must backtrack and attempt to figure out what exactly they done the night before.

Yes it took me way to long to catch up and eventually watch this film and rightly I watched it a week after I had a night out which I cannot remember a few hours from. So that made it even funnier to watch from my point of view. As you always wonder if you will actually figure out what you done whilst drunk (if you want to know that is). But in the case of the film they have to figure out when they lost their friend who is the groom so that meant backtracking on all the events and putting a time scale together to figure out when he was not there anymore.

They acquire a police car in place of the car they had, a baby, a tiger in the bathroom and money. Where did it all come from and would they find their buddy in time to make it to the wedding? Yes all very random but extremely funny to watch as if you have ever had the whole cannot remember the night before moments when waking up with a hangover you know the random things you may find and be told.  I think this is the main reason this film was such a winner as most people have experienced that before.

I think I found the tiger in the bathroom the funniest moment as that was definitely the most random. It’s something that you cannot even imagine happening which makes it so funny to watch especially as they do not believe it is there until seeing for themselves. It does have to be the ultimate guy film with it being about a stag do and what they can get up to with alcohol and being in Vegas. I am guessing random things happen in Vegas all the time.

I had heard a lot about this film before eventually seeing it and with it being nominated for awards in the comedy category it really did have a lot to live up to for me. While I did enough it and found it funny it was not as funny as I was expecting it to be. So it is a very good guy film which is amusing in places but not the funniest film ever.

2 thoughts on “The Hangover (2009) Review

  1. I have high expectations with this film. It was as good as I thought. I can’t imagine how they would make s sequel to this movie.


  2. I’m with Branden — “The Hangover” met my expectations. Actually, it exceeded them because I figured it would end up being one of those movies with all the really funny parts in the trailer. Not so!

    Oh, and I’m one of those weirdos who’s seriously hoping that Ed Helms’ “Song for Doug” gets an Oscar nod. Even though, you know, it’ll never happen.


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