Best Films of the Decade 2000’s – 20-11

Part 4 of the count down of my best films of the decade. 20-11 . . .

20. Billy Elliot (2000)

A miners son in County Durham, North East England realises he has a talent and love for dancing. But coming from a tough family and having a father who is not impressed with his son dancing and would rather see him boxing. We see Billy practice dancing with Mrs Wilkinson as he attempts to get into a prestige dancing school in London. It really is a heartwarming tale of a boy who gets to reach his dream, seeing his father doing all he can to help him get there as well selling his mother’s jewellery for money.

19. Finding Nemo

Nemo and his dad Marlin live in the reef and on his first day at school Nemo gets caught by a scuber diver. Marlin then swims across the ocean to find his son, meeting Dory along the way. Who keeps him company but annoys him as she has a memory problem. It is a lovely story which is really funny in so many ways. It is also a story of a father’s love for his son, and the need to have adventure in your life.

18. Wall-E (2008)

Possibly one of the saddest and most emotional animated films ever. I actually hated Disney at the end of this film until the ending I thought was going to happen changed. What would the world be like if the human’s left. You have to laugh at Wall-E throwing away a diamond ring yet keeping the box. Wall-E and Eve show why you do not have to be the same as the person that you are in love with, opposites attract and it can work out.

17. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

Benjamin Button is not like everyone else he was born an old man and begins aging backwards. Starting out as an old man had its drawbacks especially when Benjamin met Daisy who was the same age as him yet they did not look the same. Their paths keep crossing over the years and eventually they meet in the middle and manage to have a good few years together before Benjamin got younger and Daisy continued to age. The main theme in this film has to be the love story between Benjamin and Daisy which really does have you wondering if they will ever actually be able to be together. I really did connect to the story and really cared about Benjamin and Daisy which I think is the main reason for liking the film if you did not connect with them I will imagine you did not really think much of the film.

16. Blood Diamond (2006)

Diamond smuggling in Sierra Leone as a few different people are searching for a very rare and special diamond. The film shows how something so small can effect so many people with gangs forming in Sierra Leone and children being trained as solders. A reporter is their trying to get a story about diamonds and strikes up a relationship with a man who had been in prison for smuggling.

15. Casino Royale (2006)

A new James Bond came into town and totally re-invented the popular series. Daniel Craig changed how we had previously seen Bond “shaken or stirred” his response being “does it look like I give a damn?” which is brilliant he is a more up to date and complex character. Yes he still has no problem with the ladies but this is a re-birth. It was a very good story as well focusing on a poker game with very high stakes. Excellent action and fight scenes including an Aston Martin flipping over.

14. Closer (2004)

Four people, two couples whose sex and love lives keep crossing over. This is by no means a romantic film anyone planning on watching with their significant other should totally think again, this is about sex and showing how much you can hurt the person you love. It maybe wrong but this is one of the most realistic films I have seen in regards to how many relationships seem to work and go on. Not exactly the best thing but this film is just brilliant in showing that it is not all flowers and chocolates. Seeing Julia Roberts (one of my favorite actresses) take on the role in this film was just brilliant and total change of what we are used to seeing from her. The chemistry she had with both Clive Owen and Jude Law was brilliant. Natalie Portman really grew up in this film and also had good chemistry with Jude Law. If you want an in depth look into arguments couples may have then watch this, if you prefer your fairytales it would be best to stay clear of this film.

13. Venus (2006)

Maurice’s life is turned upside down when his best friends niece arrives to look after him. However Jessie does not plan on looking after him she wants to be a model in London. Maurice who used to be a well respected actor in London helps her out and even falls in love with her despite the 50 year age gap. Peter O’Toole is just brilliant in this role and I was very pleased to see him nominated for the best actor Oscar in 2007. It really is a gem of a film which I do not think many people seem to have seen. It has a bitter-sweet ending with some very emotional moments and different situations you can relate too.

12. Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

Danny Ocean and his crew attempt to pull off a massive heist in Vegas will they manage to do it without getting caught? And who is actually in on the heist? A brilliant story with some of the biggest names in Hollywood all in on it with a great twist at the end. Some very funny exchanges and brilliant chemistry between George Clooney and Brad Pitt as best friends who just seem to play off one another throughout the film.

11. The Dark Knight (2008)

Absolutely fantastic the new Batman series really is getting better and better with this amazing film. In what was Heath Ledger’s last role as The Joker a performance which was so brilliant and corrupt it rightly won the best supporting actor Oscar. He was creepy, crazy and a total psycho which was amazing especially his scenes with Christian Bale as Batman. But this film had such a good message about crime and even how people can be corrupted to get what they want. Harvey Dent offers Gotham City a hero and Bruce Wayne tries to decide if Batman is still needed or not. While it is a long film all of it is just fantastic and makes a great film.


One thought on “Best Films of the Decade 2000’s – 20-11

  1. Interesting list. There’s a lot of movies on there which I haven’t seen on others. I like the addition of Finding Nemo. Some of the best-looking animation done with the computer so far.


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