Best Films of the Decade 2000’s – Introduction

I am writing why each film is placed on my list of 50 best films of the decade, which should not really take too long at all. I have a bit to say about every film on the list.

I thought I would make this introduction post to explain before I post the list what a film had to do to get on the list. As I am sure some on the list will cause shocks. I have tried very much so to judge the film on the whole film and not get taken in my individual performances (as thats a whole different list).

I have films in it which left me thinking about what happened in them days later, for good or bad reasons. Films that made me laugh (and still do), films that made me cry and films which you cannot help but quote from and even make inside jokes about.

I hope this will give an insight into why some films are on the list, and also bear in mind that I have not seen every single film made in the last decade . . . so that could be why some films did not make the list haha.

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