Movie Quote of the Day 19

My last attempt to post the movie quote of the day section on the blog failed and I have not posted a quote of the day since April . . . which is way too long. I think I am going to set it up to post a quote of the day at the same time every day just so I do not forget to post them.

Well today’s quote comes from a now favorite movie of mine “The Bridges of Madison County” and is said by Clint Eastwood’s character Robert in one of the many heart breaking scenes.

“This kind of certainty comes but once in a lifetime.”

2 thoughts on “Movie Quote of the Day 19

  1. I never warmed up to “The Bridges of Madison County” because I hated the book, but Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep worked well together.

    For my money, though, nothing he’s done can top Bill Munny in “Unforgiven.”


    • I was thinking about reading the book, but might not bother if you hated it. The movie totally breaks my heart every time.

      Yes he is fantastic in “Unforgiven”.


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