Best Films of the Decade 2000’s

I have put together a list of in my opinion some of the very best films of the decade which has just passed. From 2000-2009 which was called the noughties. You may not agree with a lot of my choices, you maybe surprised, you may expect certain films to be in. But I have chosen 50 films and will explain exactly why they are in the list. Feel free to comment on those post’s and discuss if you think certain films should be higher or lower or even not on the list at all.

I will post the list in 5 parts, I have the list all finished, pictures uploaded on Photobucket for  the films so now all I have to do is complete the posts with my reasons for the films being in my list. I am sure some people out there will already know what is going to take my top spot . . . but hopefully I can manage a very surprises.

I am betting that I have missed loads of films out, which I will realise after I have made all the posts. But so be it . . . I have made my choices now and I will stick by it (and who knows possibly laugh about it in a few months time).

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