Avatar (2009) Review

Jake Sully who was a marine, had become disabled but ended up being dispatched to Pandora another planet to carry out his twin brothers work. What may seem a simple task and order soon becomes more complicated when Jake falls in love with his new surroundings.


I had read a few things about this movie and was told it was brilliant and out of this world . . . I am very pleased to say that I found it to be out of this world as well, it really is something that you have never seen before. You actually feel part of this new world with the blue alien’s. I really feel this movie has taken CGI and 3D to a whole new level and standard. This seems to be something that only really relates to the cinema experience of the 3D.

Set in the future world on another planet, the human’s are on Pandora for one reason, and thats not to make friends with the race but to try to get the rock which is worth millions this just happens to be underneath the huge tree one of the tribe’s live in. This is when Jake ends up on a mission to find out everything about the tribe and get them to move their home base to somewhere else before the “sky people” move in. Jake meets Neytiri (yes you know where that whole story is going) who saves his life when he is trying to survive after being left.

Jake manages to gain the trust of the tribe and learns to become a warrior like them and is totally accepted by them all, falling in love with Neytiri as well. But as you can imagine it really was not going to be that easy, the more time Jake spent in his avatar in Pandora the further and further is old life seemed to be. Especially when the plan to ambush and kill anyone in the path of the human army is put into action.

I do not want to give away any of the little details, but as you sit watching the movie you know which direction it is going in and what is going to happen. This does not stop you enjoying what is happening and taking in the breathtaking world that has been created, with some very strange creatures in it.

I like that the 3D factor was just really an added bonus for this movie and something so you could just feel like you are more involved. Rather than having loads of effects which were done specifically for a 3D movie which we have seen in the past few months. This is such a different experience and should be more the point of 3D than anything else that has been done before it.

Most of the movies character’s are CGI and it really is just brilliant, their big eyes really do make you pay attention. I have to say that I found the Avatar’s particularly amusing in the sense that they had the same teeth as the human and shape of the face, yes I know so you could tell who it was but that really had me enthralled.

At the basis of the all the action, incredible scenery, flying, explosions etc is a love story. A love story between two people who may look the same, but you have to remember Jake is not that race he is  human and just has the avatar in her world. Will they be together? Or will he world they both know together be destroyed? You will just have to go and see the movie to find out.

A run time of 161 minutes is on the long side, but I have to say that it did not feel that long as you really do get totally lost in Pandora and the adventure Jake has. I am totally struggling to write this review as so many thoughts are going through my head about this movie it is all just very hard to explain.

I had listened to the song “I See You” by Leona Lewis a few times before seeing the movie, but whilst watching the movie the line “I see you” is said  a few times so this fits so brilliantly when the credits roll and Leona is heard.

Everyone should at least give this a chance and go in with an open mind and just get lost in the world, as thats the idea. Leave everything behind you and get lost in the movie, yes this is how it should feel when you go to the cinema.

3 thoughts on “Avatar (2009) Review

  1. It is a great cinematic experience. It should be seen in 3D. I’m not saying that this movie is brilliant, but it’s good. The story is seriously holding the movie back.


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