Sex and the City 2 (2010) Trailer

I cannot believe that I have been slipping so much over the holiday period to actually miss the first trailer which has been released for SATC2. Not really much shown in the trailer expect for some of the outfit’s and nice shots of Manhattan. But as you may already know I am a massive SATC fan so anything thats released for the movie is very good in my world. So here is the trailer:

Chicago (2002) / Nine (2009)

While I was writing my review for Nine (and even watching it) I was trying not to compare it to Chicago. Mainly because I love Chicago and it is one of my favorite films ever, so to compare another musical directed by Rob Marshall on one viewing would not be very fair. So I have decided to take a deeper look into both movies and not really say which one is better, but to show comparisons.


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