Valentine’s Day (2010) Posters

Two posters have been released for next years release of Valentine’s Day, I have to admit that I am very much looking forward to this movie because some of my favorite actors/actresses are in this, mainly Julia Roberts :-). But I am also happy to see Taylor Swift in this too, as I am such a big fan of her music.

Do you want to see this movie?

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day (2010) Posters

  1. Sorry Caz, but I have to say I’m not looking forward to this at all. It was on my Top Ten Anticipated 2010 Movies List … until I saw the bland trailer. So I removed it from the list ( For every actor I like in this flick (Julia among them), there are those I don’t (Bradley, Patrick, ugh!) I might check it out on DVD but that’s about it.


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