WordPress for Blackberry

I have been a proud Blackberry user for a few years now and currently have the Curve. Since I got this phone I have had the WordPress Application installed but never actually used it. I figured now as I cannot sleep would be a good time to test out if I could see myself using the application to actually update my blog or not. Does anyone else use a phone application to update their blog?

I suppose it is not much different other than it being smaller than a computer, but not as simple to post pictures. Although if I take a picture on my phone I can upload straight to the blog, which could encourage random movie taking related pictures.

I might as well make this movie related too and say that I still have not seen Avatar but cannot wait to go, maybe Saturday morning. Anyone seen it yet?

5 thoughts on “WordPress for Blackberry

  1. Yes as part of my personal crusade against the iphone I also have a Blackberry. I use the wordpess and facebook applications all the time. The main thing I use the wordpress one for is posting already drafted articles and approving and replying to comments. Its would be too much like hard work to type out an entire article on a phone keypad.


    • Some good points, I never thought to use it to reply to comments. As I get an email when a comment is posted, I may just find myself doing that in the future.


  2. If you have a Blackberry Curve 8300, you can now record video on it. The original software that came on the Curve 8300 did not include video recording. However, software version 4.3 included an update that adds this feature. If you have a Blackberry Curve 8300 with the newer software, recording video is fairly easy to do.


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