Love Actually (2003) Review

Set in London in the build up to Christmas following 8 different couples and showing the different types of love that is formed in different situations.

Now I am such a massive fan of this film and love it a lot, however on my first viewing I was not so sure. I found that it really is one of those films you have to watch a few times to really pick up little things about the different characters and storylines, as a lot of things happen which you have to follow. Showing us the different people in the 4 week build up to Christmas.

Each time you watch it, depending on your mood you may have a different couple or situation being your favorite on that viewing to another time of watching. I think that is one of the best things about this film, at different times you can relate to a different couple and it be very nice or very hard to watching depending on your own life. If you can relate to different characters.

A school Christmas show is included with a nativity play . . . including a lobster ?!?! If you have seen the film you will understand that is an amusing part. Said by the wonderful Emma Thompson, who really is just fantastic in this film and involved in a scene which will really break your heart . . . even if your made of stone!!!

The brilliance of this film is that it can easily make you laugh, cry and get the Christmas spirit all at the same time. All different types of love are shown, unrequited, mutual, family (brother/sister, father/son), friendship, sex etc. Some of it is lovely, some sad, some very cheesy and some just so cute. Which I think is why it all works so well, moving from story to story and having them crossover at different times so you have a variety and not just one certain theme throughout. Especially as you may not like one part but totally love another storyline.

With being set in London and Richard Curtis being the writer/director as you can imagine this is a very British film with British humour throughout. The Billy Mack “Ant or Dec” moment will probably not be funny anywhere else other than the UK, as it is kind of inside joke that people do not know which one is which. I have even watched this with the cast commentary on the DVD and actually found it rather amusing and informative about behind the scenes stuff, for example that one of the jokes was originally written for Hugh Grant in Four Weddings and a Funeral.

My favorite character in this film has to be Billy Mack (Bill Nighy) who plays an ageing pop star who has dealt with a drug problem and trying to get back on top with a Christmas number one with the cheesy “Christmas is All Around” originally “Love is All Around”. I just found him really hilarious and started my love of Bill Nighy. Another amusing thing about the song was that they actually released it in 2003 into the charts!

Look out for more posts on Love Actually, taking an in depth look at the couples/pairings in the movie over the next few days.

Do you LOVE this film?

What were your impressions on the first viewing? and what do you think after more than one viewing? (If you have seen it more than once)

I am going to finish this with a cheap pun . . . I actually love this film.

11 thoughts on “Love Actually (2003) Review

  1. Count me in as another lover of the film…it’s actually one I regularly reach for during Christmas, and is one of my holiday favorites! By far, my favorite points has to be when Alan Rickman has to endure Rowan Atkinson’s zeal for giftwrapping…

    “What are you gonna do next, dip it in yogurt?”

    Personal note – as my best man finished his toast at my wedding, he had everyone raise a glass as “All You Need Is Love” blared out. He couldn’t get an entire band in, but he knew much I loved that moment in the film and it was his own little way of echoing it.


    • I just love Alan Rickman in that scene, as you can really imagine most people getting annoyed.

      Awww thats really lovely that your best man slightly re-created that part at your wedding 🙂


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