Avatar (2009) Build Up!

I have just realised that I have not made any posts about Avatar . . . and actually find this quite shocking for quite a lot of reasons. Those being; I have seen the trailer loads of times over the past few months and in 3D a couple of times, I love fantasy films and the thought of getting totally lost in another world, this is the most expensive film ever made at 300 million, it has been an idea for 15 years and taken the past 4 years for James Cameron to make the film . . . and we all remember the success he had in his last big venture, still the biggest box office taking ever in Titanic. But Avatar is going to be Epic in a totally different way. CGI . . . 3D . . . in a Sci-Fi/action/adventure/thriller, it just promises to be out of this world and blow you away to something that you have never seen before, and by looking at the trailer and pictures it is certainly going to do just that.

The build up for this film has been magnified this week in The Sun (a British newspaper) with interviews and information about the film and competitions to win Avatar merchandise. Creating general buzz for the film, and trying to give people a background to how it was made and the time period it took to make it. I think coming out the week before Christmas will get in big audience through the day as well with it being a time of year families and people seem to socialize more. I am sure film bloggers and film fans have had this film on their calender for a long time and are really looking forward to seeing it.

General opinions in the film blogging world on using 3D at the movies is that it does not really make much of a difference in the viewing of the films it has been used for thus far. This film could change that or it could in fact put an end to more films being made in 3D if that aspect is not enjoyed . . . Possibly?!?! But from seeing the trailer in normal 2D as well as 3D, I think it is going to look fantastic either way.


Reading through some trivia for the film, I think it shows how much James Cameron wanted this film to be made as it was shelved for almost 10 years as he wanted to start making it straight after Titanic. But at the time no studio would fund the film. The CGI used for Gollum in Lord of the Rings was what really started this film  up again, as Cameron realised CGI had eventually caught up to his vision of a film. The movie is 40% live action and 60% photo-realistic CGI. A lot of motion capture technology was used for the CGI scenes. I find this interesting that 60% is CGI and 40% is live action, do you think it is good to mix the two together?

Even watching the trailer you can totally get lost and want to see more of the new fantasy world. Who at times would not just love to go to a totally different world to get away from things!!! I bet everyone would at some point, so we get to by watching this film and seeing the amazing world which has been created.

The aliens are totally different to any other aliens which have been seen on film up to now, I find these aliens more elegant than other aliens which are made from a totally different approach to how aliens could look. What do you think of the aliens?

Avatar opens in UK theatres on Thursday 17th December.

Are you going to rush out to see this one?


5 thoughts on “Avatar (2009) Build Up!

  1. I have to say I’m looking forward to this too but I don’t want to let the huge amount of press it’s getting detract from a film that won’t be as good as Terminator or Aliens. I think the real reason Avatar is being built up so much is that fact James Cameron has been awol since 1997. He’s taken the time to let technology catch up to his vision (in between visits to the Titanic and some other deep-sea expeditions) and he’s left his fans waiting with baited breath. Has he left it too long? Is our anticipation too much because of it? Will Avatar live up to the expectation? So many questions that are about to be answered.


  2. You bet I’m psyched to see this one in IMAX! I just added to the ‘hype’ recently with my counting down post: http://wp.me/pxXPC-F1 I was fortunate enough to see the 15-minute preview on Avatar Day and really diggin’ what I saw. I hope I won’t be disappointed, but with Sam W becoming my new crush I don’t think I will =)


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