Fred Claus (2007) Review

What if Santa Claus had an older brother who was pretty jealous of his every move and had to move to the North Pole right before Christmas?

Fred Claus (Vince Vaughn) moves to the North Pole in order to work for some money that he wants from his brother Nick (Paul Giamatti). But Fred is not the only guest in the North Pole in the build up to Christmas, Clyde (Kevin Spacey) who is analysing and watching Nick and seeing how the Elf’s are working and making sure they are not over worked by a 3 strike role or the North Pole workshop will be closed forever.

This is not really much different to a lot of other Christmas movies that you would have watched, although I feel it is geared more towards an adult audience as young children will probably get bored at times, especially when it is away from the North Pole. But that does not mean it does not contain funny moments, as it really is filled with quite a lot of funny moments. My favorite has to involve Kevin Spacey and a Superman cape . . .  The other really amusing moment has to be the help group which is for people with famous brothers who are sick of living in their spotlight.

Films involving the North Pole and Santa always seem to end up with someone having to save Christmas and deliver all of the presents to the children of the world and this is no different. But with Nick throwing his back out, it was then Fred’s turn to save Christmas and fly the sleigh around the world delivering presents . . . but does he make it in time?

While this is not the worst Christmas film ever, it is no where near the best. It is alright to watch and entertaining in parts, but it is missing a little something . . . maybe it does not feel totally like Christmas because of the times away from the North Pole and Santa? Maybe? 

Performance wise, for me Kevin Spacey really does totally steal every scene in which he is in (yes, that is in nearly everyone of his other movies too) but I really do think hes just fantastic. I thought Paul Giamatti’s Santa looked very good and acting well considering not a massive amount of screen time, as this film wasnt really about Santa it was about Fred.  I found Rachel Weisz rather annoying in this, mainly because her accent seems to change every time she speaks?!?! I mean what was going on with that, plus the way the character goes on with Fred annoyed me too. Vince Vaughn as Fred was pretty much the same helpless character he plays in most movies, but you cannot help to find him entertaining.

I would not really call this required Christmas viewing as definitely not going to become a classic or even a big favorite of mine.

11 thoughts on “Fred Claus (2007) Review

  1. Rachel Weisz’s accent is spot on and it does not waver and how does she go on with Fred when she’s hardly in the film to begin with? She’s in the film for about maybe 8 minutes at the most. I think Rachel Weisz was one of the only good things about this awful movie.


  2. I reviewed this movie w-a-a-a-a-y-y-y-y-y back when. I agree with you, that this really isn’t that good a Christmas flick…I must admit, I was actually kinda moved by the notion of kids on the naughty list being there because life has put them there.

    Nifty post.


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