Elf (2003) Review

A Christmas time comedy, which is actually really funny . . . but has plenty of Christmas Spirit reminding us the whole point of this holiday. We follow Buddy the Elf who is actually human, on a quest to find his real father, who just happens to live in New York City.

Yes a grown man running around NYC dressed in full Elf attire telling everyone he really is an elf and he is from the North Pole, is bound to have so many jokes and actually be really funny to watch. Put Will Ferrell in that role and you really do have a winning film. A man who knows the real Santa Claus, and actually ends up helping him out a lot. I think the costume Buddy wears throughout the majority of the film really does help the comedy value, and his constant sugar rush because of the food that he eats is just hilarious. Always happy, always smiling and trying to really spread the Christmas spirit.

I have so many favorite moments in this film which actually make me laugh out loud, including when he gets excited that “Santa” is going to be coming into the department store the next day shouting that he knows him . . . as you can guess Buddy ends up disappointed the following day. Saying that smiling is his favorite, singing out loud at any time. The getting hit by a taxi was a very slapstick funny moment for me, yes I am strange and find it amusing when people walk into something, fall over or are hit by something (all of which you know the person is not hurt, as that would just be cruel).

When Buddy leaves the North Pole to find his father, you can already sense that his father is not going to have any Christmas spirit and not be the nicest man in the world. But this is all part of the charm of Buddy and what Christmas can bring. So this makes for a very nice ending when they help Santa.

Buddy also meets a girl who he eventually goes on a date with, although he does not completely understand the whole dating world. His younger brother does try to help him out but that does not really work to well.

Zooey Deschanel is an actress which I am really struggling to actually like though, she seems to annoy me more than anything else in which ever role she has been in. I cannot really place why exactly but she never seems to come across very likeable. I mean yes this could be the roles that she is in, but does anyone else feel the same?

Will Ferrell really is just fantastic in this film, so funny. I would not class myself as a big fan of his other work, and actually think the other of his films which I really enjoy is a different type of comedy in “Stranger than Fiction” his usual slapstick does not appeal to me very much as it’s not my type of humour. But I find “Elf” totally different, maybe the Christmas spirit factor gives me a different spin. Totally is becoming one of my favorite Christmas movies.

So what do you think?

Are you an Elf fan?

Is it on your Christmas Movies list?

14 thoughts on “Elf (2003) Review

  1. I second McG. One of the reasons I think “Elf” works so well is that it’s spirited, light-hearted and touching without being melodramatic (in that “Christmas Shoes” kinda way, you know). Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel also have good chemistry, and Peter Dinklage’s cameo is priceless.

    Sad confession: I use “you sit on a throne of lies” and “cotton-headed ninnymuggins” way too often in conversation.


    • Brilliant that you use the lines in conversation, and how well can you say “cotton-headed ninnymuggins”? as it is a rather difficult thing to say, especially if you try to do it fast, haha.


  2. Good film…I agree with what’s already been posted. It isn’t overly sentimental thanks largely to Ferrell and the lovely Zooey Deschanel (who I like slightly more than you it would seen – I think her appeal lies in the fact she’s good-looking but not in the conventional sense: a shade of the quirky girl next door perhaps. She’s a good actress too – authentic, reserved, funny.) It’s probably a better film when it concerns itself with the fish-out-of-water subplot, rather than the save-Christmas ending, but Favreau who knows what he’s doing behind the camera, keeps the humour flowing and saccharine at bay.


    • Yeah I really do not know exactly what it is about Zooey Deschanel but she seems to annoy me more than anything in which ever role she is in, and I cannot really remember when this whole disliking her started.


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