Merry Christmas !!!

Merry Christmas Everyone !!!

I hope everyone has a great day and that Santa was very good to you 🙂

Love Actually (2003) – Harry, Karen and Mia

Karen and Harry – – – Harry and Mia


This story or more triangle has to contain the most heartbreaking scene of the movie. Harry (Alan Rickman) is married to Karen (Emma Thompson) and they have two children. Mia (Heike Makatsch) is Harry’s new secretary and makes no attempt to hide the fact that she fancies him.

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Recreating the Movie

After making the first post in what I hope to be a regular feature on the blog, and it being well received thus far and receiving quite a lot of views in a day. I have seen been looking through my photos in order to find pictures which can relate to a movie or movie scene. So I should have some material for this section for a couple of weeks, but now with the incentive to think movie moments at all times and capture the moments in pictures!!!

Look forward to seeing The Proposal, The Wrestler, Titanic and many more . . .

Lady GaGa – Speechless

I am sure I have made posts before when I have a song of the moment before, so here goes another one of those posts. I heard this song for the first time on Wednesday when the Royal Variety performance was on TV and pretty much downloaded it on Friday and have listened to it 25 times on iTunes already!!! Yes I did say it was a song of the moment.

I think its a totally different type of song to hear from Lady GaGa showing that she really is talented with music, while yes she is a little strange. But I think thats all part of her act, she does things differently. This shows in the performance at the Royal Variety.

I guess I can just really relate to this song at the moment with the lyrics they just really appeal to me, and somethings that have been going on at the moment.

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Valentine’s Day (2010) Posters

Two posters have been released for next years release of Valentine’s Day, I have to admit that I am very much looking forward to this movie because some of my favorite actors/actresses are in this, mainly Julia Roberts :-). But I am also happy to see Taylor Swift in this too, as I am such a big fan of her music.

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Love Actually (2003) – Billy Mack and Joe

Billy and Joe

This is probably the funniest pairings in the form of aging singer Billy Mack (Bill Nighy) and his manager Joe (Gregory Fisher). Joe is attempting to help Billy get back on top of the music world, by releasing the cheesy “Christmas is all around” and surprisingly he does get to Christmas number 1.

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