Law Abiding Citizen (2009) Review

I must start this review by saying this is the best film I have seen for quite a while, and I am hoping that I will continue to say that about films in the next couple of months as we move closer to awards season.

A frustrated man decides to take justice into his own hands after a plea bargain sets one of his family’s killers free. He targets not only the killer but also the district attorney and others involved in the deal.

Clyde watches as his wife and daughter are murdered in front of him, knowing exactly who committed the murder. Yet his lawyer Nick decides against going to court and cutting a deal instead. The deal which actually sets the killer free, Clyde sees all of this and it takes him 10 years to figure out how to seek vengeance. Does Nick still believe that he made the right decision in regards to that case? Clyde has had a plan building up and on the day one of the men is eventually killed after being on death row for 10 years something goes terribly wrong, but who is to blame? The other man Clyde keeps for himself, subjecting him to an awful death, torturing him. But who would be next on his list? Even if he had been put in prison . . . as he begins to target all of the people who were involved in the case.

I have to admit that I was right into this film, paying full attention and enjoying the twists and turns it took all the way through and eventually saying ahhhh right I get that now at the ending which I will not spoil, and also which I did not see coming at all. (I was not really trying to guess the eventual outcome, I was just enjoying being lost in the film). The screening I was at on Friday night was full and everyone seemed to enjoy the film, laughing at the funny lines which must have been put in to take off some of the edge a film like this can have. People laughed and everyone jumped at one part, myself included . . . to which everyone then laughed because while it was obvious that something was going to happen, you had the uncertainty of not knowing what exactly was going to happen. Which I felt was very good in regards to storyline and action.

I guess the main talking points found in this film had to be does the justice system always serve a good purpose or do things slip through the net and therefore people get away with doing just horrible crimes or can they get away with it?

Performance wise I thought Foxx and Butler both put in very good performances and had good chemistry when on-screen together, especially when Clyde was getting inside Nick’s head and really winding him up. Foxx as the lawyer who’s morals have to change especially 10 years later he has a daughter and he knows he would have done exactly the same thing that Clyde had done. Colm Meaney is an actor I really enjoy seeing in different films, while he always seems to play the supporting role he does this very well. The reason I look out for him now is since seeing “Moon for the Misbegotten” in the West End a couple of years ago now, which he was in alongside Kevin Spacey.

So I really did enjoy this film because I found myself totally lost in the storyline and enjoying the twists and turns it took along the way.

11 thoughts on “Law Abiding Citizen (2009) Review

  1. sorry Caz, i dont like to judge a book by its cover but i can tell from just the poster and the completely lame trailers that this movie isnt good.
    uh, yep, that was me judging a book by its cover
    oh no, that was me judging a crap movie by its trailer


    • This really does show how strange movies can be, as my intrest in this movie grew by the trailer. But I guess thats why movies and reviewing them are good, as people have different opinions on them.


  2. Glad to hear another movie blogger likes LAC. I wrote my review right after it came out and was pleasantly surprised by it ( I thought the performances were good and though I could totally do without the sadistic ‘Saw-like’ scenes, overall it was very enjoyable. It’s not an Oscar-worthy film nor did it try to be, but it was definitely worth seeing.

    Fandango, I read your review and I respect your opinion but I’d have to disagree with you =)


  3. Having just read the FandangoGroovers review it would seem this film is splitting opinion. I’m getting the feeling Law Abiding Citizen is going to go the way of Taken – love it or hate it stuff.


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