Harry Brown (2009) Review

Harry Brown (Caine) is an elderly man who loses his wife and best friend in the space of a few days. He decides to avenge his friend’s death by taking the law into his own hands sorting out the estate he lives on.


This film is definitely thought-provoking in the sense that you wonder how close all of this could be to happening in different places across the UK, and indeed what exactly is happening at the moment on the streets and if fear is a big factor in people’s everyday lives with unruly people around them.

“Hoodies” or “Chav’s” are usually unruly young people/teenagers in the UK. Not as extreme as in the film, but I am sure everyone who watches this and has seen these “hoodies” around will enjoy seeing them being shot and tortured in one of the scenes. Kinda getting what they deserve so to speak.

Michael Caine really does put in just a fantastic performance as Harry Brown. So many scenes which really cut through you, especially when he was too scared to use the under path because of the “hoodies” when he was rushing to the hospital to see his wife . . . and watching it you just knew he was not going to make it in time. Then the funeral scene for Len when you see loads of cars going past with Grandad on the flowers, then seeing Harry standing at the grave with the vicar knowing that was not his funeral that went past. Knowing that now Harry was alone and did not have anyone else to turn to really was heart breaking.

In order to find out who killed Len and in his attempts to get a gun leads us to seeing some drug use, which I have to admit was quite difficult to watch. This has to give some credit to the actors for the performances that were put into this film. Another thing which was difficult and annoying to watch was the way the hoodies spoke to the police in the interviews.

This film does not really paint the best picture towards the police, and how they would deal with things. Again is this in some parts based on the truth and then made worse for the film or is it more realistic than you would first think?

This film really does bring up some good talking points, and highlights somethings which could become or already be major issues. It is not the best film ever and has plot holes but these are not too bad. Caine’s performance pretty much makes this film well worth the watch.

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