Meet the Parents (2000) Review

Greg Focker a male nurse must meet his girlfriend’s parents for the first time and Jack Byrnes former CIA is his worst nightmare. The film manages to have so many funny moments and really is a very good comedy.


Meeting the parents is still seen as a big step in a relationship, even bigger for a man meeting the father of the woman he wants to marry. That must be intimidating, but what if that man was Robert De Niro ex-CIA and you want to marry his little girl this is not going to be an easy task. Especially when you are Ben Stiller and everything you touch/say/do seems to go wrong without even trying.

Greg Focker . . . yes you can see what they done their and how many jokes you can fling in just saying his name. He is a male nurse, who wants to marry Pam Byrnes. When he finds out her father Jack is the type of man who would want to be asked first, he plans to ask him before proposing. The couple stay at her parents for her sister’s wedding.

Greg really does try his best to impress the people he wants as his in-laws and family by making things up and inadvertently doing everything wrong. Loosing Jinx the family cat, flushing the toilet which does not work properly, setting everything on fire and pretty much so much damage before the wedding.

I think the main reason I still like this film so much is due to that it still makes me laugh. Yes a lot of it is silly and random but I think it’s a good way to totally release while watching a comedy. Especially when someone makes as many mistakes and cannot do anything right. Everyone can relate to doing things when they should not have.

Seeing Robert De Niro in a comedy and being daft really does make this so much more than other comedies. As he is not really an actor you expect to see in a comedy, especially when he holds the cat-like a baby when getting it back, that is not what you expect from De Niro. I think this does make his scenes funnier than if a different actor had taken on the role.

I always compare Ben Stiller in other comedies to this film and really don’t think he has put in a funnier performance. He was just brilliant as the helpless guy who just wanted to marry the woman he loved, with nothing going right for him.

I bet if a man who comes across a father like De Niro’s character in this film, really would want to run a mile and possibly think twice about wanting to marry his daughter (if they were not 100% sure of course). But it really does make for a funny comedy which will probably always be relevant in having to meet the parents.

I wonder which way round people find it worse? Being the man meeting her parents . . . or being the woman meeting his parents?

4 thoughts on “Meet the Parents (2000) Review

  1. This was a good movie. Did you think that Ben Stiller was strangely hot in that movie? Especially in the water polo scene. Insane.


  2. I remember laughing my keester off at the first “Parents” movie. The humor is largely slapstick, but nobody does goofy humor like Ben Stiller.

    Best scene in the whole movie: Greg’s forced to say grace, so he quotes lines from dc Talk’s “Day by Day.” I’m still rolling over that one.


  3. Truly splendid character comedy, boasting top shelf performances and a great script. I adore DeNiro in this – I find myself wanting to watch it over and over again just to watch him smirk and sneer and make remarks and faces to poor old Greg (Stiller). Good review, check out mine when you can!


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