The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) Review

The second instalment of what is now known as “The Twilight Saga” opened yesterday across the world in cinemas, and with my local cinema having 4 shows sold out at 11am, for the night-time showings this really is going to have some opening weekend taking across the UK. Reading mid-week that it has broken the records for most pre-ordered tickets for a movie.


Anyway . . . the second installment sees Edward leave Bella as it is not save for her to be around him and his family. All of whom she has grown to love, but after Jasper loses control when she cuts her finger on her birthday thats when Edward decides to leave her. However, he lies to her in saying that he does not want her anymore. Bella is left crushed and months pass by without her doing anything apart from going to school. That is until she decides to get two motorbikes and takes them to Jacob Black for him to fix them up.

This brings Bella and Jake extremely close becoming best friends. That is all at least in Bella’s eyes, however Jake feels slightly different. He fills the whole which Edward left. Bella does not seem to have much luck with the boys in her life, when Jake begins to act strange and it is revealed he is in fact a werewolf. But when Alice shows up and Edward is in danger, will Bella stay with Jake or go help Edward . . . this leads Bella to Italy to save him and an encounter with the Volturi, lead by Aro.

The ending with Edward and Jake talking to each other in the words with Bella between them was quite emotional, I felt more sorry for Jake after everything he had done to make Bella happy again. The first time Edward and Jake had been together after Edward left her. I thought it was good that Jake managed to control his anger for quite so long.

I think this film was a big improvement on “Twilight” and really did pick up in strength. The werewolves looked fantastic, really doing fantastic in size terms and how they moved. I was definitely impressed with this. Also I found the glittering of the Vampires looked much better in this, I don’t know if that is because we saw Edward at least glitter more but I just found it better than Twilight was.

I thought Michael Sheen as Aro was just so fantastic, creepy but brilliant in the short time in which he was on the screen. I wanted him to be in longer as he really did bring something else to it all. Dakota Fanning was also very evil as Jane, who has the ability to hurt people through their minds.

In comparison to the book, I found it to be a good adaptation and liked some small changes to help the movie flow better than if it was completely like the book as it would have been difficult to keep it all in. My only really concern was that we did not really get to know Jake very well, or see how him and Bella really got close, which was such a shame as that was most of the book. Also with this we did not see Bella spending a lot of time at La Push and on the reservation and becoming friends with Jacob’s brothers. I also really like the way in which they put in Harry’s heart attack with Victoria being the reason, with the wolves trying to catch her.

Overall, it was good and more action than Twilight had . . . Eclipse promises to have more action again.

6 thoughts on “The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) Review

  1. Interesting. I found it to be a much weaker film than the first one. Having not read the books I don’t know how much that is down to the filmmakers or the source material. It is also interesting to see how fans of the book react differently to people who haven’t read the book, for example of those I have spoken to most don’t like Kristen Stewart’s portrayal of Bella, whereas I think it is the best thing about the films. conversely they all seem to love Robert Pattinson’s Edward; I am not convinced by the character or the actor.


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