27 Dresses (2008) Review

Jane (Heigl) has been a bridesmaid 27 times and never close to being the bride. She is secretly in love with her boss Geroge (Burns). When her sister Tess (Akerman) shows up and ends up on the fast track to marrying George she cannot bear to stand by her side. Kevin (Marsden) is a reporter who writes about weddings and ends up writing a story about Jane.


This is pretty much your typical romantic comedy which is pretty easy to read and figure out which direction it is going in. What happens next is pretty obvious, with Jane being the I don’t really believe in love . . . it will never happen to me . . . in love with a guy who does not really notice her in that way. It really does have leading rom-com actress written all over it. Which is not a bad thing when you want to watch this genre. You expect certain things and that is exactly what happens with this film.

The unlikely guy being “the one” in the end after a lot of trauma, arguments and denial pretty much explains the majority of this film. It also has arguments between two sisters which I think gives a slightly different edge at times.

In the end when Jane could get the man she really wanted, she realised that he was not in fact the one for her and that the perfect guy for her had indeed been the one she did not like and did not want to be with straight away. So does this mean that you cannot always tell right away if you could actually be with someone? So the whole love at first sight thing, does not exist? But eventually getting to kiss the “man of her dreams” and realising that she felt nothing, this brings up another age-old question do you have to feel something in a kiss? Does it really help you know this person could be the one? I think feeling something in a kiss makes such a difference.

The last lines leading up to her eventual wedding mention something about all that matters is the person standing waiting for you at the end of the aisle. Which is definitely a thinking point, in theory nothing else about your big day should really matter as much as loving and wanting to be with the person waiting for you at the end of the aisle, right? Surely it has to be the most important thing, and if it is not the most important thing then should you really be marrying that person?

I really think I picked the wrong time to kinda watch this and attempt a review as I have totally tried to take more out from the film than was ever probably intended. But I guess everything depends on your frame of mind when watching a film, and if you over think it all. Imagine being a bridesmaid that many times, I seriously cannot think of anything worse which I guess is why certain parts are amusing?

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