Twilight (2008) Review

Bella Swan falls in love with Edward Cullen not realising that he was a vampire that glitters in the sun rather than attacking people for blood. Well that is the Cullen’s at the very least.


The first part of the very popular Vampire novel’s made it to the big screen. With a lot of attention and fandom before it had even been filmed this was always going to be a hit. But how would those who have not read the books see the films?

Before I get into this review I thought it would be best to state that I had read the book before seeing the film, and was therefore already consumed into the whole “Twilight Saga” and Edward Cullen. I have to admit that parts of the film must seem extremely random if you have not read the books, or even heard anything about the franchise.

The basic plot is Bella Swan moves to Forks to live with her dad Charlie, who is the chief of police in the small town. Bella’s world is turned upside down at school when she meets Edward Cullen. But there is something strange about Edward and the rest of the Cullen’s but what could it possibly be? After seeing a lot of different strange things and hearing a strange story Bella figures out that Edward is indeed a vampire. A vampire and a human being in love with each other is certainly going to cause some problems and it does when the Cullen’s are playing baseball with Bella watching and three other vampires pass through, but one of them James is a tracker therefore will hunt Bella down.

The reason why I think this film has to have parts which are strange if you have not read the book is little details such as Bella falling over and dropping things all of the time and pretty much being clumsy. This is described in more detail in the book. As well as the whole love story between the two, it looks rather quick in the film but it could not be as detailed as in the book. The main thing that myself and friends were waiting to see was how Edward glittered . . . and that did look good! The famous lines from the book “and so the lion fell in love with the lamb” and “you are my life now” must also look very intense and a little out-of-place the way they were worked into the film.

I have watched this film recently in build up for New Moon next week, and I am really right into the whole story again. It really is not the best film ever made. But I am guessing that the adaption from the book was tricker than expected. By the trailer’s it looks like New Moon will be on a higher level to this. It still had quite a lot of different themes across the film and managed to be quite funny at times with the way the lines were delivered.

I am still curious of how people who have not read the book, feel about this film? Did you find it too random or strange?

If you read the book, did you like the adaptation?

4 thoughts on “Twilight (2008) Review

  1. The main reason I watched the film was Catherine Hardwicke as I thought Lords of Dogtown and Thirteen where really good. As for Twilight, as a fan of vampire movies I found it a little disappointing. Not because of its interpretation of the vampire myth, I think filmmakers are free to play with that as much as the want, but because the film is a teenage romance first and a vampire movie second. This isn’t a criticism, it is what it is, I would just prefer a greater leaning towards horror! On the whole it is well made, well photographed and well cast, from a performance point of view. Having not read the books, I can not comment on how faithful the characters are to those in the book. I do have a problem with part of the plot/premise. As I remember it, the Cullen’s go to school in order to divert attention from the “family” as they look like teenagers. They the act weird whist at school and skip school when it is sunny, thus drawing attention to themselves. Would it not make more sense to just be a little more reclusive? Completely wipe out the plot of the entire saga as Bella and Edward would not meet, it is just a shame that something that is basically the crux of the film feels contrived. Maybe it is better explained in the book.

    On a plus side it does draw attention away from: the boy wizard part 307: Harry Potter and the nearly never ending story.


  2. I didn’t read the book. I watched the film. It was fine. I didn’t hate the movie. It laid there. Sparkling vampires? Really?


  3. I second Fandango — loved Hardwicke’s “Thirteen” and thought there might have been a teensy sliver of hope for “Twilight.” W to the RONG. It was swoony, everyone was inexplicably covered in glitter and the characters are so far away from interesting that if interesting blew up, they wouldn’t hear the sound for another two days. I didn’t expect much from this movie, but I was disappointed. No more “Twilight” films for me.


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